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Blind Witness


When a blind woman unknowingly experiences the killing of an innocent pharmacist, she begins her life on the run. It's a race against time to save her from the shooter as the police scour the city for their main witness.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 17, 1976
  • Repeat - September 11, 1976





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9 Responses to Episode 0483

A blind woman witnesses the murder of a pharmacist and manages to escape. Now the police are looking for their witness while the shooter wonders how she escaped with her life.


"the jungle." I loved this story. When she feels her way around the store for the hard candy, it sounds so real, so impressive.


A story where the women outnumber the men. The sisters have a bit of a "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" dynamic going on.


I would fall asleep listening to these back in junior high school and this was always one of my favorites!!! Has a bit of Hitchcock to it. I would always imagine this done by the great director. Thank you Radio Mystery Theater and Sam Dann! Glenn Rivera/San Diego, CA

Glenn Rivera

A good story about sisters with a unique relationship of interdependence. I always wonder if blind people appreciate it when they tell someone they're blind and the response is "I'm sorry". If they're used to it (or born that way), it's probably just life to them - nothing to be sorry about. Perhaps I overthink it though.


Does anyone know who played Armand Ashkelon the druggist who got murdered? He sounds exactly like Joseph Kearns, who played the main character on "Murder Castle" (an episode of the Arch Oboler's "Lights Out Everybody" program).

Stephen Worrell

Stephen It couldn't have been Joseph Kearns - he died in 1962 , long before the CBSRMT shows were done in the 1970s . Rick

Richard Theiling

Good story. Really enjoyed it tonight. I too enjoyed the "jungle". The bullet proof vest was an amazing tell about the preparedness, inter-dependency and survival of these two women. For them it was just how things were and they got through it. Truly relatable having an aunt 99 and one 96 who have lived together their entire life as spinsters on their own.


Askelon was voiced by Leon Janney, also.

Bill C.

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