Carmen Matthews (Actor)

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(05-08-1914 - 08-31-1995) Age 81

Carmen Mathews had a presence on TV, Film, and Stage, even though she didn't take her first bows until she was in her early 30s.


She appeared in the following 11 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/15/1974 0010 The Resident A move from the countryside to town leaves a retired lady prey to a cat named Evil and a young girl who forcefully moves in with her!
03/28/1974 0065 The Unearthly Gift A modest lumberjack camp cook has the gift of clairvoyance, but her visions don't always predict nice things. After a particularly nasty vision involving a newcomer at the camp, she decides to interfere with fate to forestall a death.
04/08/1974 0070 The Locked Room The bride's mother plays villain in the life of a newly wed couple. She is convinced the boy has married her not-too-beautiful daughter simply for her wealth and plans a nasty surprise for him.
11/11/1974 0172 Wave of Terror A more modern version of the classic Romeo and Juliet, with the story taking place in Hawaii. Disaster follows the couple as their marriage is strictly prohibited by their families who have a secret to hide.
12/31/1975 0405 Sagamore Cottage A young couple find themselves hiding inside the walls of a witch's house when they stumble across her terrifying secret. That all the charming china dolls the old woman owned were actually people she had shrunk as she did with them!
01/28/1976 0422 Mirror, Mirror Jessica Chapman and Clare Connor were once roommates at Stapleton Academy. Jessica is shocked to find that Clare who was once "fairest of them all" has been terribly scarred by a bleak marriage and a dysfunctional relationship with her child. However, what haunts her most is the memory of the golden mirror she gave her friend, and she embarks on a journey to discern what part it has played in the tragedy of Clare's life.
02/12/1976 0430 The Golden Chalices Mary Roth has stirs the embers of his memory with her stories and gifts. His patient is unaware that thirty years ago, psychoanalyst Hans von Fodor and his wife Lili von Fodor were forced to flee Hungary shortly after their marriage. Before leaving Kispest, they buried twelve golden chalices under a cherry tree with a vow to somehow come back for them. Intent on bringing the promise to life, Mary forces them into another wild goose chase.
03/30/1976 0458 The Intruders Troubled by spirits that haunt her home, a woman becomes strangely attached to her ghostly housemates as she watches them go about their daily lives.
04/13/1976 0468 Wishes Can Be Fatal To get back at her horrible daughter-in-law, a strange and unusual old lady employs the power of good old-fashioned needlework.
05/17/1976 0483 Blind Witness When a blind woman unknowingly experiences the killing of an innocent pharmacist, she begins her life on the run. It's a race against time to save her from the shooter as the police scour the city for their main witness.
02/24/1977 0606 Last Judgement A young nurse moves in with her father-in-law to take care of him when he falls ill. Her world is shaken when she unwittingly learns his terrible secret as the rich old man is haunted by the dark specters of his past.

6 Responses to Matthews Carmen

It bothered by Carmen Matthews' constant frantic inhales after almost all of her lines throughout her episodes.


im not bothered by it, never noticed really...Carmen is one of my favourite CBSRMT stars! Also love Mercedes McCambridge, Patricia Elliott and especially Terri Keane!!


It is particularly noticeable in 'The Resident'


The cat "meows" were so horribly done in 'The Resident' that I wouldn't have noticed anything else that was annoying about what the other actors were doing, lol! Also, the dialogue was so terrible that I didn't notice their mannerisms because I was so busy thinking about that when I wasn't thinking about the horrible "meowing". This would have to have been the top worst CBSRMT episode ever, (along with any other episode where a human is trying to "meow" or "talk" like a cat).


I couldn't agree more!!! 😊

Trina Johnson

I listened to Carmen in Wishes Can Be Fatal last night. I did not hear it. I will listen to her in Mirror, Mirror tonight. I think I remember her voice grating on me there about that "cursed mirror!"


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