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A Challenge for the Dead


Police officer Johnny Gordon pursues his namesake criminal for the young priest. But his wife starts cheating on him with the criminal and he is resolved with a vengeance to track him down.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 18, 1975
  • Repeat - July 26, 1975





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8 Responses to Episode 0259

Good story, but I wouldn't feel comfortable married to the detective's wife if she lets an ex-con convince her that she can't trust her straight-laced husband.

Roger Huggett Jr.

Cop Johnny Gordon is trying to nail gangster Johnny Gordon for the 20 year old priest. But when his wife rekindles an old love affair with him, he may find a better reason to collar him.

Francis C.

A city cop has committed the better part of his career trying to find the evidence needed to convict him of a murder committed 20 years ago. He believes sometimes that he is the only devoted and hardest working cop around and becase he didn’t play the political game, he was passed over for promotion. The suspect was a childhood friend who is known today for being a racketeer. The cop’s wife was a childhood friend of her husband and grew up in the same neighbourhood. This crime mystery had some potential but rather than twist and complicate things at the end, the story unfolds in a predictable, conventional, unimaginative manner. A disappointing episode.


Interesting psychology in use in this episode. First the wife who isn't happy after 20 years of marriage and wondering if she married the wrong man. Second the gangster who never let go of the one piece of evidence that could put him away for life. Lastly the wife's husband who has been trying to put the gangster (a childhood friend) away since the murder of their parish priest. A pretty good listen for me even if a bit predictable.


What young priest? The description of the episode plot seems to take for granted that we know the whole set-up. This happens all too frequently. The story is solidly acted, but the wife is a real jerk if she can be persuaded by this man that her husband is untrustworthy and dishonest. It's predictable and not that well-written, but I always give Howard Da Silva my attention.


Johnny Gordon (Howard Da Silva), Mike Perry (Robert Gordon), and Claire (Teri Keane) grew up together. But the trio became a duo 20 years ago when Claire married Johnny. Johnny's a cop, trying to nail ex-con Mike for the murder of Father Jim Morgan. No idea why the description says "namesake."


Another WU banger!

Scooter D & the Greens

Similar in setup to the plot and tensions of that 1930s flick, Manhattan Melodrama (Incidentally the film running in the theater when and where Dillinger was taken down). Three kids from the slums who pal around and one grows up a mobster with a heart of gold, one a man of morals out to get his friend from childhood, and the woman who wavers between the two. Where the radio drama differs is in the end: leopards don’t change there spots and paddle-less canoes are at the mercy of the current ;-). Not bad listening altogether!


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