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Sting of Death


Strong-willed explorer Trevor Constaine is used to getting his way in things and he wants to see his daughter marry his assistant - although both are married. But Trevor can't be put down with a trivial thing like that and uses some shrunken heads and a killer clock to achieve his ends.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 21, 1975
  • Repeat - July 27, 1975
  • Repeat - August 22, 1980





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11 Responses to Episode 0260

I like the game!!!!!

Randy Mc

William Prince was in the movie "Vice Versa" from the 80's (a body switching story). I remember watching it on TV sometime after E.G. Marshall had already passed. The movie starred Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage. Prince was the boss of Reinhold's character. He plays the father here. I recall thinking that he sounded quite similar to Marshall, and wished he could do some voice overs if they would consider bringing the show back.


Explorer and writer Trevor Constaine always gets what he wants and he wants his daughter to marry his guide and assistant. Unfortunately, both are married. Trevor isn't going to let a little thing like that get int he way. With the help of some shrunken heads and a mysterious clock, he puts things into order. Sit back, light a pipe, and enjoy this one. It's good!

Luke S. Walker

A world traveler and explorer is living out his last days as he dies from an illness he contracted in Borneo, where he spent considerable time with a head-hunting tribe. He has in his den above the fireplace a grizzly clock with two human thigh bones for hands and shrunken human heads to mark out the hours. His daughter is engaged to a man the father disapproves of and he states his objection quite clearly and directly. When the fiancée finds the head from the 7:00 place on the clock in his bed he return it and inquires about the mystery. Promptly, at 7:00, he drops dead. Good, says the father, now his daughter is free to marry someone more to his liking. But when the man he approves of turns up with a new wife in tow, he is not pleased. What power does the clock have?

Kevin Andrade

Excellent mystery drama. I hope I find more stories like this among the subsequent stories.

Arnold Bowen

A good listen, even if I figured it out fairly quickly (in defense of the story I may have remembered it from the last time I listened to it years ago). Luckily I haven't run into too many people like Trevor Constantine, but the ones I have run into have irritated me to no end and I would avoid/ignore them as I could.


Oh, the misogyny of the seventies... Some of these are so hard to listen to when they refer to grown women as "good little girls" and the men order the women around. Ugh!


A superb tale of greed and malice. The human heart is indeed a dark mysterious place.


A bit tedious. At some point you’d simply prefer to nuke the entire site for morbid. Maybe a better listen on a lazy Saturday with a cup of coffee.


That's a creepy episode. Crazy father, a weird clock, and an old flame combined for an interesting who donnit.

Kathy D

Terrible episode. Typical one-by-one deaths in a secluded place deal. In this, people entirely fail to react to the death of their dearest and closest family members in any way that anyone anywhere ever would. Also, yet again so paternalistic toward the women ("girls" according to the episode). The men do all the action. The women react, are used as pawns, offer themselves in sacrifice to the more valuable men. A man says "you're a brave little girl." Is this a man talking to a five year old child? No, it's a man talking to his wife. "Little girl!" I know: today is a different era. But it's more that Himan Brown was stuck in a long-passed era when he directed these in the 70s than that the modern age is more enlightened than when these first aired. Brown was behind the times he was in, much less today. (Women = "little girls" as covered, but also the whole savages who were head hunters angle should be appalling to anyone with modern ears. He pulled that card a lot, much like the Tarzan movies of the 30s and 40s, behind the times even correcting for this being a product from 50 years ago.)


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