Howard DaSilva (Actor)

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(05-04-1909 - 02-16-1986) Age 77

Howard Da Silva returned to the NY stage after being blacklisted in Hollywood. He appeared in 26 CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes.


He appeared in the following 26 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
07/31/1974 0125 The Only Blood After refusing to pay blood money to the local mafia, an immigrant shoe-maker becomes the target of their ire. Angered by their misdeeds, the man hatches a plot for revenge. Meanwhile, the mob leader is torn between business and his daughter's love.
12/05/1974 0183 The Body Snatchers A doctor meets a drunkard friend in a bar. They reminisce the times they defiled graves in order to sell the corpses to a medical school.
12/24/1974 0191 A Very Private Miracle A very moving story about a cranky old man and a little girl trying to persuade him to play Santa Claus.
01/14/1975 0205 Faith and the Faker A converted swindler turned faith healer learns that he can heal anyone in his island except his lame wife. He soon realizes that only one thing stands between him and the ability he desperately seeks to acquire.
02/14/1975 0223 The Shadow of the Past A doctor and his wife escape the clutches of the Nazi death camps and illegitimately migrate to the US. Later, the doctor recognizes one of the camp guards among his patients and kills him to exact his revenge. But he must cover up the act as an intelligent investigator probes the case.
03/20/1975 0242 The Doppelganger A young lady chooses a gangster boyfriend over her fiance even though her beloved forces her to abort her child. Along comes a perfect chance at revenge for the rejected man.
04/18/1975 0259 A Challenge for the Dead Police officer Johnny Gordon pursues his namesake criminal for the young priest. But his wife starts cheating on him with the criminal and he is resolved with a vengeance to track him down.
05/08/1975 0270 Taken for Granite A deranged artist works as a caretaker of a garden filled with statues. Except that he uses live models for his art and encases them in granite.
06/06/1975 0287 The Transformer After making a careless remark to an old war buddy, a salesman's immediate supervisor turns up dead. Apparently, his friend is a professional hit man who merely helped get rid of the boss hindering his progress. The police come knocking on his door when they realize he has a motive for murder.
07/02/1975 0301 Come Back with Me A hard up businessman goes back in time to his favorite hangout to relive his glory days. He encounters old friends at the bar and learn that they share an unusual similarity.
08/05/1975 0321 Hung Jury A mediocre accountant leading a double life is romantically entangled with a prostitute and knee-deep in gambling debt outside his normal world. When the bookies come knocking at his door, his real life is threatened. He comes across the solution to his problems when he is asked to serve jury duty for a crime he actually committed!
08/19/1975 0329 Welcome for a Dead Man After serving a 21-year prison sentence, a criminal convicted for the murder of a payroll assistant is finally set free. He learns something more important during a journey to recover his ill-gotten wealth.
09/18/1975 0346 The Coffin with the Golden Nails Determined to start anew, the secret police chief of a Third World country undergoes cosmetic surgery to alter his visage. When he unwittingly falls for a woman he previously tortured, the peaceful life he built for himself is threatened.
09/28/1975 0354 The Other Self A factory with an exemplary track record catches the attention of a psychologist. After several encounters with the man, she discovers that his fixation with the battle of Shiloh during the Civil War is what allows him to focus on the most tedious of tasks.
10/23/1975 0366 The Sealed Room Murder When the town's most disagreeable resident becomes victim of a sealed room homicide, the local sheriff and the county clerk take on the onerous task of solving the crime. In order to find the murderer, they must dig deep into the psyche of the repulsive man.
11/17/1975 0380 The Moonlighter When a friend tells him of an opportunity to double his income, a man with an extremely extravagant wife jumps at the offer. The problem is, he must give up a piece of his soul in exchange.
11/28/1975 0387 The Frammis A magical piece of glass that possesses a power to affect people travels through a fictional kingdom. The diamond-like shard is only as worthless as you perceive it to be.
12/15/1975 0396 Burn, Witch, Burn A woman is sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. However, Judge Cotton Mather, a notorious Puritan attempts to save the woman's soul by inviting an Episcopalian minister perform an exorcism on her.
01/19/1976 0418 There's No Business Like In the year 2076, crimes against society are punishable by community service-- in show business. A time traveler moves forward in time and discovers a future where the business is anything but entertaining; and where stunts and special effects often lead to death.
02/19/1976 0434 Goodbye, Benjamin Flack Up to his eye-balls in debt, a brilliant businessman hatches the perfect scheme- to get rid of his look-alike cousin and take over his life.
04/24/1976 0475 The Prince of Evil In this modern take of the life and crimes of Richard III, Shakespeare's classic tale is acted out in startling and vivid detail.
08/30/1976 0511 The Night Shift Eddie O'Brian hates going to work driving a bus 9 hours a day until he gets a new bus, #2792. He becomes very protective of it and soon cares more for it than his wife Margie.
10/22/1976 0540 Somebody Stop Me! A cop who is so ugly he can't get a date kills women who turn him down.
12/14/1976 0565 The Smoking Pistol When a cop's son is murdered and a suspect is found holding a smoking gun, he figures it's an open and shut case. But when the suspect's mother appeals to him to investigate further, doubts arise in his mind.
01/04/1977 0577 This Breed Is Doomed
A professional swindler bamboozles the residents of a small town and ends up absconding with an unwanted and unexpected piece of baggage.

02/25/1977 0607 Legend of Phoenix Hill When an archeologist takes his adopted son on an expedition to China, the expedition is besieged by setbacks. A 2000 year old Chinese legend seems to hold the explanation. The young man dreams of the reincarnation of an ancient Chinese princess and feels an irresistable urge to uncover her.

17 Responses to DaSilva Howard

What a wonderful, distinctive voice! I knew this guy's voice long before I knew his name. I still remember him fondly as Ben Franklin in the movie version of the hit musical "1776".


To me Da Silva's almost evokes a sympathetic feeling.


The epitome of the working actor--in that Hollywood sense from blacklisted actor to vindication as Ben Franklin.

John hendry

Birthday star Howard Da Silva's characterization of historic figures are among some of his most notable work, including Benjamin Franklin in the 1969–1972 stage musical 1776 and a reprisal of the role for the 1972 film version of the production. Howard was born on May 4, 1909.


He had a very distinctive voice The CBSRMT episode 0270 "Taken for Granite" stands out-- he plays a perfect creep!


Was in a Christmas episode, not my fav though, maybe ref above. I only knew him from the Gary Cooper movie "Unconquered"


'A Very Private Miracle' is the name of the Christmas episode, which is mentioned above.


Episode 544: Witches Sabbath. Leon Janney had the perfect voice for the characters he played on the CBSRMT. One voice or person that I felt would have been excellent in that series: Vincent Price.


I can't stand his voice in any episode. If I had to choose one where he is barely tolerable, I would pick the one about the guy who wants to relive the past. I can't remember the name, but he and his wife were young in WWII and he wants to go back to the nightclub, (where they first met), which is going to be demolished in the present.


That one is called 'Come Back With Me' episode 301


There was also an episode where he plays a horrible creep who makes statues out of live people, and his voice was perfect for the part, imo, lol! That one is called 'Taken For Granite' episode 270


I love his voice (his and Fred Gwynn's). There are several actors whose intonations drive me crazy, so I get it. I like the one where he was a worker in the plant making widgets and then back in the civil war fighting g for the Spencer rifles. Turn, tap, zap!


That one is called 'The Other Self' episode 354


His voice sounds a lot like Herman Munster (Fred Gwynn) which is not him.


Howard Da Silva, known for his deep, baritone voice, started in radio in the 1930s, appearing in the Magic Key, the Lux Radio Theater and Suspense, among others. He appeared in 37 Broadway productions and over 90 films and television programs. He was caught up in the Hollywood Communist scandal of the 1950s and was blacklisted in Hollywood for a period of time. He is best remembered for his portrayal both on Broadway and in film of Benjamin Franklin in 1776. He won one Emmy award.


"The only blood" / "Welcome for a dead man" / "Come back with me" / "The sealed room murder" = RMT classics. Maybe would add "The moonlighter". "The only blood" = among the RMT's very, very best, IMO.


Did not like his voice at first, then grew to love it. The Body Snatchers episode is terrific.


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