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A sick lady suspects her husband and caregiver are plotting to kill her. With the help of her previous nurse, she struggles to survive.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 9, 1974
  • Repeat - November 27, 1974
  • Repeat - June 6, 1980





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20 Responses to Episode 0158

I love this show. First started listening to it at 11:07 p.m. after the local news. Unfortunately I often fell asleep and missed the endings. To solve this problem I connected my tape recorder/radio to a light timer so that it would record for an hour. Then I would listen to the program on my way to work the next day. Now I'm enjoying hearing it on my Ipod.


If you like love triangles, than you will love this episode which features a love foursome. Definitely an episode worth your time to listen to. I was really too young to remember much of the Mystery Theaters and not even born yet to remember the golden age of radio. But I have a feeling that this episode mirrored the classic radio dramas of the 40s and 50s. 5 stars. This is an episode where E.G. Marshall talks about the characters and how their lives ended up after the episode's end. They were completely fictional, but the writers wanted to sew up the characters' lives. Amusing, but endearing.

Davy Joe

An actor's wife is bedridden with a strange illness and is tended to by a doting nurse. As the nurse is going through the mail with the wife, they discover a letter for the actor from a woman who says she loves him, and agrees with him that in order for them to be together, they will have to get rid of his wife. The wife then receives another letter from a friend warning her to be careful, not to trust anyone, and that the plot to kill her is not just a fantasy. Some great twists in this episode.

Bienvenido H.

Great episode


WOW! Didn't see that ending coming! Great show!!!!!! I thought I recognized the lead male's voice. Being a M*A*S*H fan, it was "Col. Bloodworth" from season six. That voice really remained in my memory from watching MASH so much. Another RMT surprise!

Jeremy Bushong

The ending of this one took me by surprise, too. I like those that twist just when you think you have it figured out. You have a great ear to recognise Bloodworth's voice. I, too, watched MASH every night back in the seventies and eighties but his voice completely slipped past me in this show.


Within the first few minutes I suspected Mary because she was so anxious to take over the duty of administering the tonic that I thought the episode was pretty much given way before it even started so I didn’t enjoy it was much. Sure Margaret was made to look like suspect but she was so obvious that if it was her it wouldn’t have been a mystery which only left the first suspect. Nina Foch has been doing mysteries sine the 1940s I am sure that she and Hieman Brown were well aquatinted. Interestingly, her first movie debut was Bela Lugoi’s "The Return of the Vampire" in 1944. She has found regular employment in TV episodes including the recent CSI series last year. Charles Aidman not only played Colonel Victor Bloodworth in MASH but I remember him as the host of the Twilight Zone after Rod Sterling died.

Grace Anne Saure

The writers did a good job of pacing the episode, I thought it had a "tight" feel to it. I actually began to think at one point that the husband may be conspiring with Mary to drive his wife nuts with the letters causing excessive fear.


This one has a good little twist ending. Somewhat reminiscent of the Suspense episode "Sorry, Wrong Number". -- an invalid knowing that a murder plot is being hatched against her and has no way out. The Suspense episode ends much more tragically. Charles Aidman has a great voice for radio. It's too bad they didn't utilize him more on RMT. I, too remember him from M*A*S*H. He also guest starred in the episode "The Zombie" on the original "Night Stalker" as a corrupt police chief. Fun little "Murder" mystery!


That's so interesting that you mentioned 'Sorry, Wrong Number'. That is exactly the show that came to my mind when I listened to this one. I suppose that is why I liked it because 'Wrong Number' with Agnes Moorehead is probably my favourite radio drama of all time. I, too, thought that the poor woman was being driven crazy by the unknown.


Great ending to this episode, always liked the love triangle episodes on CBSRMT. Great to be able to listen to these shows, really brings me back to my youth under the covers and listening to these great stories.


A very good listen. I really didn't see the ending coming as it did and perhaps a second listen will help make sense of some of the more leading conversations to confuse us listeners. It was much a gamble her husband was playing to get the potential murderess out in the open, but I guess he really didn't have many options.


The entire cast each appeared in at most two other episodes. A pleasant change of pace!


Opening what she thinks is a piece of fan mail to her handsome actor and husband, Claudia, bedridden with a weak heart, reads a love note signed “Margo.” The end of the letter reads, “I will go along with your plan to put her out of the way.” Thoroughly frightened and helpless, Claudia refuses to eat or to take her medication, certain she will be poisoned. She becomes even more frightened when her husband fires her nurse and lies about why he did so.


Good program with a simple plot that kept you guessing as to who was telling the truth.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. What’s great about this Drama-Mystery, written by George Lowthar, is the shocking twist at the very end. Perfectly fitting for other dramatic anthologies such as ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS. The only drawback, is the Resolution. We know what happens to our protagonist, but no further details about our antagonist. Also, how come Dr. Stein was introduced, but had no dialogue? Just like in Ep.#0334-NIGHT OF THE HOWLING DOG and Ep.#0591-THE WHITE WOLF, the writers put characters into the story that tag along with others, but we don’t hear a single word from them. Another way to title this would be “The Bed-bound Murder.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall’s topic for this tale is “Trust.” In ACT-1, explaining that trust is strong and delicate. In ACT-2, questioning about trust. In ACT-3, trust and its complexity. In his Epilogue, as I said before, there’s the Resolution for our leading lady, but E.G. Marshall has no specifics on the villain’s punishment. It’s everyone’s guess on what punishment was created other than being behind bars. The sound effects of the doors, letters, tonic bottle, door buzzer, footsteps, phone extension, dial tone, and body collapse were perfectly suitable. More than a dozen useful dramatic tunes played and each made the scenes sound suspenseful after the next. Now for our cast: Nina Foch (as Claudia Hammond), Charles Aidman (as Tod Hammond), Lesley Woods (as Mary Elliott), Joan Tompkins (as Katherine Brent/Margaret Sutton), and Joe DeSantis (as Detective Jackson). These 5 were superb, especially Nina Foch & Charles Aidman. It’s too bad that they didn’t get to do a lot CBSRMT episodes. Fortunately, Charles Aidman had a career in voice acting again by being the Narrator for the 1980’s revival of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. This episode, plus Ep. #0341-THE IDEAS OF MARCH, were the only 2 that Nina Foch starred in. I recommend this episode to those that enjoy a shocking twist in a finale. Plus, this has commercials of Lennox Dealer and Kraft BBQ sauce; presented on KSL-Salt Lake City station. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


A nice change to Lowthar’s formula. The story tells you about a third of the way through that not everything is as it seems and this keeps it quite enjoyable. Speaking for myself, I saw the final twist coming almost immediately. Super close listening to the dialogue generally betrays a Lowthar story haha.

Jordan N.

On my top list! Really enjoyed this. Pace was good and twists throughout entertained. Sound effects and music were excellent choices. Missed the commercials between acts but there were some at the end. Enjoyed the twist at the end. I recommend this is a good one to listen to. Go E.G. Marshall, love his commentary.


Nina Foch was the actress who played the first murder victim in a Columbo episode, Prescription Murder.


One of the best episodes I’ve heard and yes, I used to listen to these nightly in the 70s!


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