Nina Foch (Actor)

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(04-20-1924 - 12-05-2008) Age 84

Nina Foch was "a tall, cool drink of water" in several 1940s B movies.




She appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
10/09/1974 0158 Trapped A sick lady suspects her husband and caregiver are plotting to kill her. With the help of her previous nurse, she struggles to survive.
09/10/1975 0341 The Ideas Of March A wife desperately attempts to get her husband to cancel his business trip when she foresees his death in a vision.

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Miss Foch had a career as an acting teacher with such students as John Ritter.Her last years she played Mrs Mallard on NCIS.

Jin Hitt

She had a supporting role in "An American in Paris" - don't forget that.


Nina Foch had an amazing 60+ year career in both acting and teaching acting. She appeared in such radio classics as the Lux Radio Theater, MGM Theater of the Air and Suspense. She appeared in numerous Broadway productions and in over 200 films and television programs. She is best remembered for her roles in the film classics, An American in Paris, the Ten Commandments and Spartacus. She also taught acting at USC and the American Film Institute.


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