Joe DeSantis (Actor)

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(06-15-1909 - 08-30-1989) Age 80

Joe DeSantis started in Radio on Pepper Young's Family, and appeared on Mr. District Attorney, March of Time, Gangbusters, Kate Smith, and many others.




He appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
04/01/1974 0066 The Black Cat A hasty marriage for wealth is rued by a man who finds both his wife and her cat repulsive. He is slowly convinced by the cat that he will kill his wife.
10/09/1974 0158 Trapped A sick lady suspects her husband and caregiver are plotting to kill her. With the help of her previous nurse, she struggles to survive.
02/08/1977 0597 The Aurora Group
A man\'s problems begin after finding a quarter in his new suit dated nearly ten years into the future. After his discovery, he becomes plagued by visions of a future in which he murders his wife and becomes desperate when other objects from beyond begin appearing in his presence.

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Joe DeSantis' prolific career started in radio, with appearances on such programs as Suspense, X Minus One, the Mysterious Traveler, Dimension X, Pepper Young's Family, Mr. District Attorney, March of Time, Gangbusters, the Kate Smith hour, and many others. He appeared in over a dozen Broadway productions and had appearances in over 160 films and television programs. His TV credits include Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, Lights Out, X-Minus One, Inner Sanctum, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Perry Mason, Boris Karloff's Thriller, The Outer Limits, The Munsters, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Hawaii Five-O, Mission: Impossible, Mannix and dozens more. His film credits include The Man With A Cloak, The Unholy Wife, Deadline U.S.A., Al Capone, A Cold Wind In August, Madame X, Beau Geste, The Professionals and The Venetian Affair.


I loved his appearance on The Munsters! Great actor!


Once you recognize him, it's amazing how much he did. I'll always call out "Joe!" when I see him on Rawhide or Mason or one of the other shows I grew up with in the 60s (and still watch).

That Guy

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