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The Prince of Evil


In this modern take of the life and crimes of Richard III, Shakespeare's classic tale is acted out in startling and vivid detail.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 24, 1976
  • Repeat - May 14, 1977





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7 Responses to Episode 0475

Adaptation of "Richard III"

K. Azana

what an evil character Richard III was!

terence m. jones

Winter of our discontent!

Richard Glouchesterblunt

Richard III was quite the evil and conniving person. I wonder how many of our current government leaders (whichever country you live in) are similar to him (Answer - probably too many). A fairly good story, but I don't believe I ever read the original.


Despite his physical unattractiveness, Richard is a man of such magnetic charms that few suspect his evil, depraved intentions. While King Edward lies gravely ill and his brother, Clarence, is sentenced to death, Richard plans his bloody rise to the throne. He commits a long skein of murders of legal heirs to the House of York and is crowned, but the night before a crucial battle with the Tudors, the ghosts of his many victims threaten to drive Richard to his own ruin.


The episode description is wrong. This isn't a "modern" adaptation. It takes place in the 1400s, like it's supposed to.


What an EVIL person Richard was! All to be the King,…a passing earthly position w/power. How many, nowadays, just like Richard, will do anything to gain the power of authority over others? They, like Richard, have an evil ambition….Ambition that will eventually take them to another place… unearthly place…. Where? Only God knows….


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