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Welcome for a Dead Man


After serving a 21-year prison sentence, a criminal convicted for the murder of a payroll assistant is finally set free. He learns something more important during a journey to recover his ill-gotten wealth.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 19, 1975
  • Repeat - January 17, 1976





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12 Responses to Episode 0329

I remember this one as a kid, only thing that threw me off finding was I thought main character was Fred Gwyne. Thanks for the synopsis'. Good job ! Many other ones I've recognized just by reading the brief plot summaries. This one was very good and well done, enjoyable. It's kinda cool listening to these after 35+ years having gone by, some of them have stuck in my head through the decdes, just like a Twilight Zone of an Outer Limits, etc.


Harry Beggs has served 21 years in prison for a robbery and the resulting death of a security guard. He is released and telephones the wife that he has not seen in ten years to ask her if he can come home to her and the daughter that he has never met. (His wife was not much on visiting him in prison.) On the phone, she gives him the bad news that he is no longer welcome in his home. He goes to a bar and is approached by a young man that knows who he is and is interested in a cut of the never-recovered money from the robbery. This is just the opening of the program. The events unfold from there and the story goes full-circle. Don't miss the ending.

Jinkee P.

A crook gets out of prison after serving 21 years for murdering a payroll clerk. He sets out to recover the stolen loot he stashed. In the end, he discovers something much more profound.

Amaleo T.

An older bank robber is released from prison after 20 years behind bars. His wife and child stopped visiting and making contact 10 years ago and he is leaving prison feeling as though there is nothing left to live for and no one waiting for him on the outside except, maybe, the elephants (see: Appointment in Uganda – hehe). Sipping a beer in a bar he is approached by a young man who knows him and of his exploits, and the stolen money that was never recovered, and offers to help the ex-con find it… for a share.

Leslie Y.

Spoiler Alert. I agree about the ending. Something more along the lines of "that old man is dead" meaning he is ready to begin anew with his wife and daughter would have communicated better what think the author intended. Overall a good episode

J Nic

Wow. kind of a drag of an ending, but just I suppose. I didn't clue in on that one until the end.


I thought this was a fine episode with a nice low key approach that really captured my attention. My credulity is often stretched with Mystery Theater but no so with this one. I assume that was Howard Desilva playing the 'dead man' and he had a wonderful weariness in his voice that captured his character wonderfully. And many kudos for the surprise ending. I gave a quick 'darn that's slick' followed by a 'eeeuw that's sick.'

Theodore M.

I liked this episode, kind of a slower paced episode that many but good. I do think that this is an example of an episode that would have been better if it had been shortened.


A decent episode. Howard Da Silva is another voice actor I enjoyed when listening to these as a kid. He definently lended a weariness to the characters voice. I also said a big eeewwwww after the surprise ending.


That WAS a weird (though still RMT-worthy) ending, but daSilva did well in this one.


A fairly good story that I didn't expect the turns as they came (although the end became apparently right before it happened). It does make you wonder what happened next though.


Easily one of THE BEST!


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