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The Transformer


After making a careless remark to an old war buddy, a salesman's immediate supervisor turns up dead. Apparently, his friend is a professional hit man who merely helped get rid of the boss hindering his progress. The police come knocking on his door when they realize he has a motive for murder.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 6, 1975
  • Repeat - October 4, 1975





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6 Responses to Episode 0287

A salemsan's war buddy is a killer for hire. He makes an offhand comment that his boss is standing in the way of his career. His boss ends up dead. Now he has to deal with the police who suspect he's guilty.

Shawn Fuller

Old war buddies meet up after 25 years and get reacquainted. One is married and generally happy, apart from the man at his work who occupies the position he wants for himself. The other is in the “transformer” business. At the same time, a series of killings in the city, include the roadblock to promotion and the transformer business begins to reveal itself. Nice twist, if not a little predictable. I love Howard daSilva (platonically).


An interesting listen with an amoral character. I sort of figured out where it was heading in the end, but it was still a good listen.


Mediocre and predictable. I did enjoy it somewhat, but it was nowhere near a favorite of mine.


Great voices by Silva, Mandel, & Hammond. Another Wu Banger!!!

Scooter D & the Greens

When something starts wrong it ends wrong. This tale highlights that. 1 In 40 people are sociopaths. Do we really know the people with whom we speak? Think...


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