Bob Juhren (Writer)

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Bob Juhren wrote 30 CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes and Sci Fi stories.

He appeared in the following 30 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/30/1974 0025 Mother Love An unusual favor and $6000 are all a fortune teller needs to grant the wish of a desperate woman to conceive
04/11/1974 0073 Strange Company A wealthy aged woman is terrorized by invisible visitors. Her hard-hearted nephew and his wife can't care less and slowly decide to take advantage of her apparent hallucinations to steal from her.
05/30/1974 0099 Dressed to Kill An unemployed actor plans a bizarre drama of enacting his own death and consequently impersonating his wife to claim the insurance money.
06/24/1974 0109 Escape! Escape! Two prisoners escape from detention with the help of a young woman. Trouble begins when they take refuge in a seemingly abandoned house in the woods.
08/21/1974 0137 Having a Horrible Time Amy Hastings is a brave woman. She testified against one of New York's most infamous drug lords. But his goons pursue her to a secluded resort where Amy and her friend are holidaying.
12/16/1974 0187 Stephanie's Room A married woman moves back to her birthplace in New York when her husband is posted there for work. She visits the house she grew up in and meets a childless old lady. They bond in a strange, symbiotic manner as mysterious things happen to her childhood quarters.
04/29/1975 0265 Black Widow The widow of a union worker enlists the help of a witch to get rid of the man who murdered her husband. The witch deploys poisonous black widow spiders to achieve her end.
05/30/1975 0283 Someday I'll Find You Ann Markle's husband is presumed dead in a cave-in. But just as she recovers from the trauma, she finds a recent painting by him in a flea market in Mexico. She decides to undertake a cross-country hike to get back her amnesiac husband.
08/04/1975 0320 The Devil's Boutique After chancing upon a charming boutique in a quaint resort city in the Caribbean, an arrogant and self-absorbed couturier uses the designs she sees in the store and claims it as her own. Soon after, terrible misfortunes plague her and she learns first-hand what happens when you steal from the Devil himself.
10/24/1975 0367 The Summer People In search of a quiet place to work and improve on their respective crafts over the summer, an artistically gifted couple stumble upon Granville, an all-too perfect town that they have difficulty leaving - even when they want to.
12/31/1975 0405 Sagamore Cottage A young couple find themselves hiding inside the walls of a witch's house when they stumble across her terrifying secret. That all the charming china dolls the old woman owned were actually people she had shrunk as she did with them!
03/10/1976 0445 I Thought I Saw a Shadow A scientist working on the development of an invisibility serum believes he has finally found it and uses himself as a test subject. However, things don't go as planned when instead of making him invisible, it separates him from his shadow. Once unleashed his shadow goes on a homicidal rampage that causes his estranged wife to fear for his sanity.
05/06/1976 0480 What a Change in Hilda For two women, a small fee to obtain their heart's desire seemed a reasonable price to pay. Little did they know that would get more than they bargained for.
09/06/1976 0513 Graven Image Jody Barnes is a talented rock-n-roll/country singer playing the county fair circuit until he meets Craig Herbert, a talent agent. Craig gives Jody a gimmick, and plenty of publicity. It's all too much for Jody and he flees in disgust and terror at what he's become.
12/06/1976 0560 Child of the Sea While swimming in the ocean, a man encounters a woman who lives in an undersea kingdom and falls in love with her. She tries hard to live on land and he tries to live in the sea.
02/18/1977 0603 A Heart of Gold A murderous and evil woman fulfills a vainglorious desire to imprint her portrait on special gold coins. In a strange turn of events, the image that appears on the coins is a hideous reflection of her avaricious nature instead of her actual visage.
06/21/1977 0669 Tomorrow, Cloudy and Cold A scientist conducts experiments on a young drifter to allow him to be able to control the weather with his emotions. When his young subject escapes, the scientist must find his subject before he creates havoc.
09/05/1977 0704 The Waiting Room A cordial invitation from an elderly couple for a weekend stay at their mansion has sinister repercussions for a young couple. They have been baited for a deadly occult ritual dedicated to evil.
04/28/1978 0824 The House on Chimney Pot Lane A modern couple buy a home infamous for the disappearance of its former inhabitants. But a strange painting that seems to come to life on occasions starts to scare them too.
09/04/1978 0888 Devil's Gold A sailor is rewarded with a gold coin from Devil's Boutique after he catches a thief. But he can't seem to get the coin off his hand despite repeated attempts.
02/26/1979 0957 Hickory, Dickory, Doom A grandfather clock is the central piece in this gruesome and morbid tale. A young couple from Pennsylvania pick up a grandfather clock at an estate sale to give to the local minister. What they do not know is that the malfunctioning time piece does more than tell time, it is actually a gateway to the demon world.
05/28/1979 0983 The Outsider After missing his train stop, a man finds himself in a cursed town stuck in 1949; and the townsfolk see him as the messiah who will set them free.
09/10/1979 1011 The Odyssey Of Laura Collins After undergoing hypnotism to cure her severe melancholia, a woman suddenly falls into a coma and finds her spirit wandering the streets of New York, even as her mother is beside herself with grief.
03/10/1980 1066 You're Going to Like Rodney A couple babysitting their young nephew are tortured and harassed by his malicious antics. They begin to suspect he is more than he seems when the nature of his pranks become more and more sinister.
12/25/1980 1140 A Holiday Visit En route to visit her parents for Christmas, a couple is waylaid by a highway accident. As they make their way to Runyonville, Ohio by foot, they travel through the snow and into Taylortown--a deserted village whose sole resident seems to be a mysterious old woman.
05/04/1981 1193 Garden of the Moon After purchasing make-up at a new health store, a young executive develops a sudden taste for moon bathing. She is soon invited to a free convention for all the others that have fallen prey to their scam.
07/03/1981 1216 A Second Chance After suffering a near-fatal heart attack, a man awakens to find himself in a different body and he soon discovers that he was brought back to life for a reason.
09/25/1981 1245 The Judge's House After moving into the home of a mean-spirited judge, two young authors are haunted by a malevolent ghost. They exorcise the spirit with the help of the townsfolk.
02/05/1982 1286 The Cantankerous Ghost A pair of spinster sisters is spared from certain bankruptcy when a Hollywood director decides to use their home as the set for his new horror movie, Dreamhouse. When the spirit of an old relative haunts the cast and crew during filming, the siblings must put a stop to it before things go further awry.
07/05/1982 1347 The Romance of Mary Oates After finally finding the man of her dreams, a 40-year old spinster discovers that she has gotten more than she bargained for in her new lover.

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Some of the Best Mystery Theater episodes are written by Bob Juhren. If you are new to the Series or not, it is a Must to listen to ALL Bob Juhren episodes! In fact, if you are overwhelmed by choosing which CBS Radio Mystery Theater 1,399 episodes to select, just choose all the Bob Juhren authored ones to start!!


Could not agree more with Melaine comment. Bob Juhren, by far is consistently the best of the bunch. There are other great writers just as good, but some of them still turn in only fair scripts. Bob Juhren always produces a superior writing product.


My favorite CBSRMT writer by far.


I was 14 years old, it was a rainy Saturday, and I was already gloomy. I went down to visit my father (CBS RMT writer Bob Juhren) in his den. "David,how are you this morning," he asked. "I'm feeling kind'a blah," I responded, flopping into one of the den's comfortable armchairs. "Maybe this rainy day has you down," he suggested with a smile. "Nah, I think I was already down." After a minute or so, I asked... "Dad, wouldn't it be funny if the day was all rainy and dark because I was feeling blah, instead of the other way around?" He chuckled for a second, and then his face glazed over. His brows knitted, he grabbed a blank sheet of paper, which he tossed into his typewriter, and started pecking away in a fury. I quietly left, having learned early as a child of a writer that inspiration prefers solitude. That gloomy Saturday morning conversation produced my father's script "Tomorrow, Cloudy and Cold."

David Juhren

I love your story about your father. In fact, you're not a bad writer yourself. The picture you paint with your words is very vivid.


David, your father’s stories strum a sentimental chord in me too. I was raised in the Queensbury area of New York. As I listen to the stories on CBS RMT, my local settings come to life in my mind. I’m sure you were a big inspiration for your father in more ways than you think. Do you live in Glens Falls too?

Jacob Gifford

Sorry, Jacob, I hadn't seen your question. I've always lived down state, closer to our hometown (Lower Hudson Valley). But, having spent so much time in Glens Falls since I was 15, when my parents bought a summer house on Lake Sunnyside, it is like a second hometown to me. When my father retired, my parents located there permanently.

David Juhren

In response to David Juhren: Wow! How cool. I love your Father's work. Many of his writings are my favorite CBS Mystery episodes. He had such a wonderful gift. I know you are very proud of him.


Bob Juhren wrote some great radio plays, indeed! Born: October 7, 1924, Brooklyn, New York City, NY Died: March 17, 2009, Glens Falls, NY

Dan in South Jersey

His stories are the creepiest and best, the ones where you can't always predict the ending.


BOB JUHREN is one of my favorites. He wrote some of the best shocking endings like #0265-BLACK WIDOW and #0367-THE SUMMER PEOPLE. But my favorite from him, is #1245-THE JUDGE'S HOUSE (adapted from Bram Stoker).


Permit me to toss my two cents on the Bob Juhren fan wagon: The Holiday Visit is THE BEST of ALL the other 1398 CBSRMT programs by far!! None of them envelop me with nostalgia and early childhood Christmas memories like this one does! This past Christmas eve, I listened to it 7 times in a row!! There's just something about Lloyd, Patricia and Bob that make The Holiday Visit, Christmas eve of 1974 all over again...(the last Christmas my parents were married) and the happiness it still evokes


"The Outsider" (RMT-983) is my favorite episode by far. I was a fan of this episode since it originally aired back in the 1970's. And in the years since, I'm sure I've listened to this episode a hundred times - or more. It's one if the jewels of the entire series.


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