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What a Change in Hilda


For two women, a small fee to obtain their heart's desire seemed a reasonable price to pay. Little did they know that would get more than they bargained for.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 6, 1976
  • Repeat - September 4, 1976





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14 Responses to Episode 0480

This one gave me the shivers as it all came together at the ending. Good suspense right up through the end.


A woman finds a doctor who can help her attain her life's desire for fancy clothes and jewels. his price is high and our heroine doesn't know it until the bill becomes due.

Rengen Thomas

A woman and her husband struggle to make ends meet and are amazed when they read of her former co-worker at the department store now making her singing debut at Carnegie Hall. Splurging on tickets they meet her backstage and she tells them of her meteoric rise to fame and the doctor and his organization that helped her achieve her goals for the ridiculously low price of $100. She offers to introduce them to him an, after some thought, despite his reluctance, she goes and tells the doctor of her dreams of excitement and fashion.


Yeah heh heh, another good soul/good/bad/devil theme. They never seem to get old


The ending reminded me of the Twilight Zone episode in which a mannequin leaves the store for a period of time but forgets she is a dummy and eventually remembers. There seem to have been a number of RMT's featuring the Devil making a bargain for person's soul. The husband was not a particularly pleasant guy. I am surprised she didn't leave him long before.


RMT did indeed seem to have plenty of "Selling your Soul to the Devil" episodes......My favorite has to be "How Can I Ever Thank You?" written by Sam Dann from 4/30/80 and starring Mandel Kramer and a very sexy "Devil" (Joyce Gordon).......... Until Next Time...................

Alfredo Bimbo Barias

I always thought the name, Doctor Satlu was curious and clunky in "What a Change in Hilda" but then I think I figured out the intent. A little bit of SATan and a little bit of LUcifer.


A good "deal with the devil" story. The old adage about if something is too good to be true it probably is comes into play here. I do disagree with Jude about the husband - he seemed fine at the beginning but after she was changing (and we know why) he didn't like it and wanted to stop it.


I agree. If any1 wants 2 listen 2 a good soul-payment-2-Satan story, check out an episode called The Unborn. It's about this young man who meets a woman named Margo, who makes a pact with the devil. She duznt stay young.....she gets YOUNGER as time goes by to the point where the young man in the story is afraid 2 look @ children but all the time he senses something sinister about being associ8ed with Margo. A "sidekick" who shadows Margo, who's the devil incarn8, warns the young man 2 4get Margo & basically leave her alone & 4get her. I recommend 2 give this radio play a listen.


If any1 c's that, even though the story doesn't say it, Grace become the little bird. When Hilda meets Dr. Satlu, he tells Grace to go "sing like a bird". I believe that when "little bird Grace" perches outside the house of Hilda later on in the episode, even though the cbsrmt radio play doesn't say it, I believe that Grace may've attempting to warn Hilda. Hilda "changes" 4 sure when she starts 2 get "stiff". In short.....a theme of this story: "you may get what you want but you may not want what you get."


Good story. I expected the general ending but the specifics were unexpected and interesting.


Yes, this reminded me of the Twilight Zone episode with the mannequins, but not until the very end. Good story, well done. Creepy ending leaving you a little horrified regarding the price to pay for unconditionally wanting something at any cost.


Definitely in the top 10 all-time best episodes. Great script, great voice actors, great ending. Love it!


As another commenter above said, this episode reminds me a bit of a Twilight Zone episode. The TZ episode which comes to mind is The After Hours, which has little to do with this RMT episode except for the ending, but this episode played out just like a TZ episode would. And, to top it off, Lois Nettleton appeared in a TZ episode, too!

Joe Mama

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