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The Judge's House


After moving into the home of a mean-spirited judge, two young authors are haunted by a malevolent ghost. They exorcise the spirit with the help of the townsfolk.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 25, 1981
  • Repeat - December 9, 1981





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30 Responses to Episode 1245

I heard the original broadcast of this episode at age 14 while fidding around with an old AM radio one night, and it scared the daylights out of me...still one of my favorites to this day! The end is a bit predictable, but it's a good, spooky tale!


Excellent choice!

Shiela Lique

I always liked this one. Nice open-ended story. Wonder where the Judge is now HAHAHAHAHA!!!


In a laboratory I hope.


Anyone remember the Night Gallery episode with Roddy McDowell in which a portrait keeps changing, showing a dead relative rise from the grave and approach his house? That reminded me of this show, specifically the scene in which the judge disappears from the picture. A nicely done, creepy episode; I particularly liked the ending, with the rat leaving the house.

Mr. Rinsky

This is simply RMT at its best! The final 10 minutes or so, are maybe the BEST in the series! Perfect music, great acting-- really creepy-- above and beyond! You could just envision the Judge "At the top of the stairs....." I first taped this one on a cold, rainy Friday night in September (its first broadcast 9/25/81). It was the perfect atmosphere to experience this one in. These episodes really do bring back fond, childhood memories.... Years later, I read the short story this was based on. For the most part, it was quite faithful, except only one person was staying in the house and the end was much grimmer. But, the radio version wouldn't work as well without both Gordon Gould and Lloyd Battista to interact with each other. This would make a perfect "Night Gallery" episode. Yes, it had the feel of that aformentioned Roddy McDowell tale. Another Great Choice!!! Until next time....................

Mikaela Tabios

Yes - a good one! I so appreciate this website!


One of my favorites. Truly scary.

Horace Cordier

Ok...WOW! A really great, creepy episode with some excellent voice acting. I Love CBSRMT!


If this was made into a film by Roger Corman starring Vincent Price, it would be "hauntingly" terrific. Exceptional for THE NIGHT GALLERY as well. This CBSRMT episode starts off slow, but it does build up to a wicked climax. What makes this Bram Stoker story entertaining other than the sound effects of the thunderstorm, the bell, the fire, and the Rat, is the music. It's frighteningly delightful. The music in ACT-1 gives you a chill to the bone. The music in ACT-2 makes your flesh crawl. But the music in ACT-3 (at the 37-minute 28-second mark) will make your BLOOD RUN COLD! Definitely worth listening to in the dark.


I LOOOOVE this episode....the acting was awesome. And I agree with Russell, the sounds effects were great, too. Definitely a great one for Halloween!


My favorite halloween listen!


This episode, The Judges House, is an excellent spooky scary Mystery Theater! Writer Bob Juhren, whose episodes I have been listening too, really hits a home run with this tale of the haunted house genre. It is well acted too by Lloyd Battista, Gordon Gould and of course Robert Dryden. Very well done!!! Enjoy!


I LOVE that episode. It's my favorite retelling of Bram Stoker's classic short story.


The Judges House is my favorite


The Judge's House is my favorite.


The Judges House is so awesome.


I never get tired of "The Judge's House"....especially on a cold, rainy day


"The Judge's House" is my favorite.


My favorite scariest episodes are: #1245-THE JUDGE'S HOUSE (by Bram Stoker)


This episode make me shiver & makes the hairs stand up all over my body, not just on the back of my neck. The background music certainly adds 2 the suspense/creepiness of the episode.....well done. EGM says: "I'd like to invite you all back for another adventure in the macabre. Until next time.....pleasant.....dreams."


Not my favorite story, but some of the music in this episode is really haunting. I wish they had used some of the same themes in other episodes.


This is a GREAT episode and I enjoyed it very much! "The Judge's House" would be a perfect tale to listen to during the night of October 31st or better known as ALL HALLOWS EVE!!!

Eric Templeton

One of the best horror episodes, especially with the music they used in the 3rd Act.


This was awesome!! I love the creepiness!


Almost eerie!

Richard Conway

I love Robert Dryden's posh accent in this episode

Risky Parkins

A rewrite of The Judge's House by Bram Stoker


I can’t choose between this episode and “The Ghost Grey Bat” as my favorite episode. I heard this while my teenage bedroom was being painted and I was sleeping in the den. Very scary and such a great episode!!! Only three actors in the whole episode. My name is Mark and my best friend is Brian! Thank you for the memories!!! Radio is such a wonderful medium. I have introduced them to my children who are now adults and I hope they share them with their children someday.


I also recommend “Nightmare’s Nest” as a good creepy episode.


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