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The Odyssey Of Laura Collins


After undergoing hypnotism to cure her severe melancholia, a woman suddenly falls into a coma and finds her spirit wandering the streets of New York, even as her mother is beside herself with grief.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 10, 1979
  • Repeat - December 21, 1979





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5 Responses to Episode 1011

This is a great story to listen to on New Years Eve. Makes you think about your life... Happy New Year to CBS Radio Mysteries and all your fabulous fans! XOXOXO

Gina Schackel - New Years Eve (EVIL) 2014

Thanks for the recommendation. Played it for the entire family while we sat around the couch with my vintage (mp3-compatible) radio last night. I remember when it first ran. Took me back.


Laura Collins: The Phoenix

Steve Bergman

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Let’s start with what was terrific. First, the cast: Betsy Beard (as Laura Collins), Don Scardino (as the Telegram Messenger and Jerry Marfay), Evie Juster (as Ellen Collins and Jerry’s Mother), and Court Benson (as Dr. Wade and Officer Edwards). I’d say “Cheers” to Don Scardino, Evie Juster, and Court Benson for playing various roles. Also, I’d say a “toast” to Betsy Beard who stole the show! Her performance in this, as a young woman going through an out of body experience, sounded astonishing! Second, sound effects of the doors, rotary phone, bathtub water, footsteps, busy traffic, background noise at Police headquarters, birds chirping, piano at the café, heart monitor beeping at the hospital, airplane soaring, and the background noise of the airport were very supportive. And so was the music. Not just the music they used from THE TWILIGHT ZONE series, but also the hypnotizing theme at the 11:11 mark, plus the “arcane” tune at the 47:33 mark when the Host narrated his conclusion of the story. And speaking of the Host, E.G. Marshall’s Prologue was ingenious when he said, “Your guide on a curious journey through the realms of the unexplained and the unexpected.” In ACT-1, this story deals with unexpected events and how some cannot cope with bad news, like our main character: Laura Collins. In ACT-2, we learn about Laura Collins’ self-expression, however ends up in 2 places at once: in a coma in Brookville, Ohio and walking in the streets New York City. In ACT-3, learn more about Astral Projection (mind travel/out of body experience). In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall invites our mind’s eye & imagination for another CBSRMT tale. All of his narrations were perfect, equated to Rod Serling from THE TWILIGHT ZONE series. Now comes the reason why I rated this 4 out of 5 stars: the Script. Bob Juhren’s story was creative, imaginative, and “mind-blowing!” And his story would’ve been perfect for THE TWILIGHT ZONE series or any Sci-Fi anthology series. But my issue is this: why would Laura Collins mind-travel all the way from Ohio to New York? In this mystery tale, we have a young woman (whose fiancée William “Bill” Paige took the coward’s way out for not marrying her) becomes depressed, follows Dr. Wade’s orders through hypnotism, she practices meditation, her body goes into a coma meanwhile her other self is in New York, tries to contact her mother Ellen Collins with the help of Officer Edwards & Jerry Marfay, gets on an airplane and suddenly vanishes, and comes back to her body safely. Again, it’s a mind-blown story, but if Laura Collins mind-traveled over 600 miles away from home, I think the story would’ve made a lot more sense if she mind-traveled to New York City so she could find her ex-fiancé there and confront him to understand why he left her on their wedding day. Bob Juhren has captivated many CBSRMT listeners with his stories; such as #0187-STEPHANIE’S ROOM, #0957-HICKORY DICKORY DOOM, and of course the chilling ending from #0367-THE SUMMER PEOPLE. And this episode of Laura Collins’ Odyssey is an enjoyable one. Plus, this has commercials of “Big Shamus, Little Shamus” on CBS-TV, itching cream, Ex-Lax, Nebraska Football news on KFAB, Maxwell House Coffee, Theodore H. White’s book of “In Search of History: A Personal Adventure,” Dean’s Camera Centers in Omaha, Susan Anton’s Perfect Sleeper mattresses by Serta, A.R.M. allergy relief medicine, Alpha Micro systems at Omaha Computer, American Shoe Store, Tony Randall for Rise-N-Vac, and Master Charge credit card (before Master Card). Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


okay, if this doesn't bring me back to the 1970s, I don't know what would. In those days, ESP was always being talked about, out-of-body experiences, spontaneous combustion, etc. I loved that the commercials were left intact. I was a teenage in those days, and I listened to radiomystery theater all the time. I'm sure this story seems bizarre by today's standards, but 1979 - it would have been part of the norm.

jim shane

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