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The Longest Knife


A mother makes a promise to avenge her son who has been murdered by a third world dictator.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 21, 1974
  • Repeat - August 17, 1974





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18 Responses to Episode 0095

Predictable, but still very entertaining!


It was predictable...but I sympathized; I also enjoy good food more than I should. Political drama; no supernatural elements.


A pig of a dictator rules a South American country with an iron fist. A woman attempts exact revenge for the killing of her son in a very unusual way.


A woman vows revenge upon the third world dictator who killed her son. Story lacks any real depth or subtlety

Carlo Manfredi

The entire episode can be summarized in one sentence: A evil corpulent Central American dictator is overthrown with knife and fork.

Rolly Gann

The main story was pretty good, but I was DELIGHTED with the ending. The perfect murder, done with the perfect murder weapon! I was grinning from ear to ear when listening to the ending. Immensely satisfying.


Eh...sheer and total boredom. I just didn't get immersed in the story at all. 3 stars. Sam Dann has written better episodes.


NOT a murder..assisted suicide!


I was about to write my comment and noticed Bryan's comment above - I guess I'd have to agree with it. I did find it funny in a way when he was eating that he asked for his doctor to be shot - I know it's a show so it can be funny (it wouldn't be in real life). Did anyone else think of the restaurant scene in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life at the end?


This was a fun one. I let out an audible "ha!" at the final line. I recommend this fun little romp very much. Heck, the final line alone makes it worth the listen )

Dan Williams

Oh, and the acting is superb here.

Dan Williams

Its pretty funny how much we all love the shows and all the actors. But after my second go round listening I have realize there are some pretty bad episodes. I know it seems like Elspeth Eric episodes were not well received. But there are many times I am listening and after 20 minutes I am wondering what is the point of this story :-) Some go forever about family trees and old relatives, and some murder 200 years ago....I tend to like the ones that are straight forward with everyday people having some weird thing happen to them. One for example is the guy who buys a coin and no matter what he does it always finds its way back to him. Anyway, just thought I would try and stir the group and get someone to talk about an episode or favorite actor. For me its Fred Gwynn and Larry Haines.


Mike, In response to your efforts to "stir the pot", I offer that my favorite actors are Paul Hecht, Earl Hammond and Norman Rose. I dislike any voice of actresses that sound older than their characters such as Mercedes McCambridge, I like soft feminine voices without Brooklyn mobster accents, such as Joan Shay. Some of my favorite episodes are Return to Shadow Lake, Silver Medal, Island of the Lost, Cabinet of the Unsolved, Devil god, How to kill Rudy and Long Blue Line. Oh, and Specter Bridegroom! I wish others would give theirs, kind of like an homage to the Oscars, what are your Oscar nominations for best episodes and actors!


I LOVE this episode. One of my favorites! Fun and the characterization is excellent. Bryna Raeburn is soooo talented.


Even though the commercials were limited and no news this was a very enjoyable episode because it did entertain in a most unique way. A cruel person who gets the must delicious payback! And E G Marshall with his ending comment on the knife and fork being mightier than the pen and sword and if you can't get to a man's heart with a knife another way is through his stomach is so classic! I loved it! The acting was really good as were the special effects. The guitar music was simply devine.


I think this episode influenced Jack Kirby in the comic book CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE FALCON #206: "Face to Face with the Swine!" (February 1977). In that issue, a cruel South American dictator allowed a starving prisoner eat himself to death. Kirby just inverted the idea!

Gary R Welsh JR

I like the episode concept but the American wife really pissed me off


A cast of actors all born in the USA, some doing accents of people from "an obscure Latin American country" is bad. So bad! But, okay, let's not judge yesterday's work by today's standards. That aside, is this good? No. No, it is not. It's a thin story that could have been told in 20 or 30 minutes; it drags on over an hour. The ending is... not great. The method of murder that they are so smug about (evident in EG's closing remarks, as well as the script) is pretty dumb. Sure, gluttony will kill a person (even a dictator). But sometimes very, very slowly. As grating as the bad accents were (¡muy!), listening to the eating sounds was revolting. I had to keep lowering the volume. ¡Uf!


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