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The Bleeding Statue


A magician disappoints his heirs by leaving his properties with his daughter and also promises to safeguard her against all harm through a statue in his estate courtyard. On her arrival in the estate, she finds his promise true to his word.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 23, 1974
  • Repeat - August 10, 1974





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11 Responses to Episode 0096

I liked this one a lot. Magicians are all about illusion. Crime drama; no supernatural elements.


A confusing story with too many characters to enjoy. An illusionist has died and leaves his fortune to family members. He soon performs his greatest illusion by controlling family members from the grave. Is he dead or not?


6 characters is too many? LOL


A young woman journeys with her fiance back to the home of her stepfather, a once great magician, to pay her last respects. Other relatives have also arrived on the scene to hear the reading of the will, and they are prepared to kill to ensure that all of the dead man's fortune goes to them. This episode is a little confusing. It's hard to keep the characters straight and to remember how they are related to one another. That aside, it is well-acted. It stars Tony Roberts, a CBSRMT regular and also a favorite of Woody Allen who has used Roberts in many of his films. Genre: Suspense

Sasha G.

A magician speaks to his heirs from the grave via tape. When he disappoints most of them by leaving his entire estate to his daughter, he promises her protection via a statue in the courtyard.

Martha Salcedo

A magician dies leaving behind one adoring daughter, and a less adoring son and daughter-in-law. He leaves an extraordinary will that leaves everything to the favourite daughter, and sets the family in turmoil.

Doug Brown

This is a solid story. Predictable...yes, but it moved along well. 4 stars.


Interesting that the son (or was it step-son?) knew of the secret room, but didn't know what was hidden there at the end. I also wonder if the last testament was played from there, again why the (step-)son wouldn't have found it. It was mostly predictable but still an entertaining episode.


I agree too many characters. Well-done, though.


This was a very intriguing story with lots of characters to keep you on your toes. Love the legend of the statue history. Enjoyed Pierce, who gave a very good interpretation of a totally soulless spoiled rich relative. 2025 is right around the corner! Anyone up for a trip to Abbott house?


Excellent show. With good acting, sound quality and story. I enjoyed this episode.

Kathy D

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