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In order to seize her wealth, a woman falls prey to a set-up masterminded by her two-timing spouse. Refusing to take the rap for a crime she did not commit, she takes struggles to clear her name in court not just for her sake, but for the welfare of her step-daughter.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 18, 1975
  • Repeat - October 26, 1975
  • Repeat - November 7, 1980





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6 Responses to Episode 0293

I find it a very hard to believe that this lady's lawyer, friends, and the cops could have been so utterly incompetent in investigating and trying her case. The fact that she'd recently revoked the power of attorney would have given her husband an excellent motive (and it was his motive). Also, she seemed to "roll over" all too easily -- refusing even to give her version of the story. Love Mercedes McCambridge though!

Susie Q.

This is a little bit different kind of program. At the beginning of the program, you are told that a husband is going to frame his wife for murder. You are asked if you can figure out where he will make a mistake in the process. Rather than face divorce and the loss of (his wife's) money, a man murders his wife's friend and frames her for it. It's easy for him to trick his wife into taking the gun he used to commit the murder into her possession when she thinks he will use it to kill himself. After she is found guilty and send to prison, her friends and a police investigator believe her to be innocent but it's figuring out how to prove it that stumps them.

Frank Navarro

A woman is framed for murder by her adulterous husband so that he make keep her money. Now she must fight in court not only for herself, but for his daughter who is in a special school.

Marcelo N.

A brilliant, but lazy lawyer uses his wife's considerable wealth to live comfortably despite his wife's objections. She tells him she is leaving him and has already revoked his power of attorney. He responds that if she doesn't leave things as they are he will frame her for murder and says he is smart enough to do it. Her close friend, an art instructor, seeks to help her out.


Enjoyable story and well acted, but as Susie Q above points out, the script does have to make the police fairly useless in order to keep the suspense going. On the other hand the lazy lawyer is so splendidly smug and casual as he goes about framing his wife that any holes in the plot are more than made up for.


An okay story, but as Susie & Oliver agree it seems that the police and lawyers are stupid and/or lazy. Not one of my favorites, but extra credit for not having the child as a character, only as a plot device.


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