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The Climbing Boy


The aggrieved ghost of a young chimney sweep clamors for vengeance against the Lord that abused him. His desire is granted when two noble women aid his cause.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 19, 1975
  • Repeat - October 17, 1975





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6 Responses to Episode 0294

I don't believe the synopsis is correct, but I'm not good at providing one either. It was an okay episode and was probably a good reflection of the times and how they treated children, specifically chimney sweeps. However, it wasn't the best one in my opinion although it was okay.


In 1819, a woman whose child has died begins having "spells" in which her mind leaves her body. She takes pity on a young boy who has been forced into service as a chimney sweep, only to have tragedy strike again. There's some neat description of the "ghost" in the story, and the mistreatment of children in the early 19th century is an interesting topic, but it never really comes together into a good show. Definitely skippable.


Lady Emily Hollander discovers after the death of her son that she can remove her spirit from the world by entering a “dead spell,” and communicate with the dead. Her husband, Lord Rodney, carelessly causes the death of a young boy, despite entreaties from her friend Maria. Later, when a chimney fire kills Rodney, Maria wonders how much Emily had to do with the incident.


One of Elspeth Eric's better efforts. There was no long monologue about feelings and emotions, and no attempt to psychoanalyze the characters throughout the episode, which was refreshing.The story was a balanced mix of drama, historical reference, and the supernatural. The acting was well done, not overdone, and it was also very sad. However, I find this episode very disturbing to listen to, mostly because much of it is based on historical fact. The characters were fictional, but the details of how the boys were treated were quite accurate, and it's clear she did her homework before writing this story. (A little research on Google will turn up plenty of horrid references.) Because it is such a depressing tale, it is not one that I enjoy listening to and I generally avoid it as much as possible.


Also, the husband is such a JERK! One of the most, disgusting, unlikable characters on CBSRMT EVER! He's cold, creepy, snotty, snobby, selfish, narcissistic, cruel and worthless. He wasn't deliberately mean, which almost made it worse. he was just so completely clueless and devoid of any decent humanity. It's no wonder she wanted to kill him, lol!


(I mean the wife wanted to kill him.)


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