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Wishes Can Be Fatal


To get back at her horrible daughter-in-law, a strange and unusual old lady employs the power of good old-fashioned needlework.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 13, 1976
  • Repeat - August 28, 1976





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8 Responses to Episode 0468

An old woman uses embroidery to torment her wicked daugter in law.


An elderly woman whose son had remarried finds herself at odds with the new daughter-in-law whom she sees as money grubbing and self-centered. While she tried to accommodate her son's wishes, creating a fine needlepoint of their house and family as a wedding gift, she finds herself longing for the past when things were 'as the should be'. Now in an old folks home, she is recreating the needlepoint for herself but making small changes to reflect her ideal dream; when each change is reflected in the original needlepoint, AND in reality, her powers come to light and create concern in some, and fear in others.


The daughter-in-law never came across as "wicked" to me at all, until toward the end. And even then, just human. It was hard to feel tension during this story because the cast of characters all seemed like decent people who didn't 100% get along. So much so that the wrap-up at the end seemed a little too contrived for my taste.


I agree with Mike that none of the characters seemed to be that bad, although the wife did show early on that she was very selfish with everything that she had asked for (and gotten) from her husband, driving them into debt. It was okay, but not the best.


This is a great episode! This DIL evil and selfish and Grandma is going to set this family right by needle pointing her wishes!


You need to add Jennifer Harmon.


A cool, smooth episode.

Maureen Maher

Smooth episode. Nicely done.

Maureen Maher

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