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The Unearthly Gift


A modest lumberjack camp cook has the gift of clairvoyance, but her visions don't always predict nice things. After a particularly nasty vision involving a newcomer at the camp, she decides to interfere with fate to forestall a death.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 28, 1974
  • Repeat - June 21, 1974





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11 Responses to Episode 0065

I was amused that the heroine believed that having superpowers would make her an undesirable wife and how happy she would be to be rid of them...when those same superpowers saved her love interest's life THREE TIMES in the space of the episode!!! Murder mystery, psychic phenomena.


Getting behind again... ugh... anyway, this one might have struck me at just the right time because it reminded me of how old-time radio shows were done. Or maybe just the subject matter was easily understandable. A crew of motley lumberjacks in a remote location who have been served their food for years by a tall, plain woman who thinks she isn't attractive suddenly have in their midst a new guy who takes a liking to her. One of their group, a sullen, craggy guy who had tried to cave man his way into her heart and didn't succeed, gets angry about his the new competition and tries to do him in. But the cook has a power to see the future, and is determined to do what she can to keep any harm from happening to him. A good listen.


Straight forward radio drama of a woman seeing an unpleasant future.

Charles N.

The cook of a lumberjack camp has the ability to foresee events. When she has a horrible vision of the new man in camp, she decides to act to prevent another death. This closely resembles some of Elspeth Eric's work. Too mushy for me. Might appeal to those who enjoy that sort of thing.

Jake Moresby

A woman and her mother are cooks at a remote lumber camp when the daughter discovers she has the gift of second sight and can foretell the future occasionally. One new lumberjack takes a shining to her, and she to him, but his future is not filled with bright happy things, and she must deal with her knowledge of his future and attempt to influence the outcomes.

Sean C.

The voice of Big Red is classic. Just an OK story. Fun in parts. 3 stars. Oh, and EG, it's alright to say "They lived happily ever after."


Betsy Palmer was Jason Vorhees mother (Friday the 13th)

Gina Schackel

So, Betsy Palmer's character moved from the lumber camp to Crystal Lake with her son after her husband died? I didn't think it was too mushy like Jake thought, but there was a lot of talk of love in the episode nonetheless. I do agree that it does sound more like an Elspeth Eric play, but it's still a good listen.


This is one of my favorite love-story mysteries. Love the particular cast-member blend on this one, with Mason Adams, et al.


What a treat to hear Mason Adams and Jackson Beck working the same script and Jackson Beck play two different characters which is a common occurrence in Mystery Theater. Probably Bob Dryden was the most prolific in that area. The Beck lumberjack #1 was a reprisal of his Popeye Bluto characterization and one tough hombre. The storyline was OK but not one of the better ones. We are listening in production order so take them as they come. It would have been quite an experience to have been in the studio as the actors worked their craft reading their scripts. Jackson Beck must have practially 'held court' as the old saying goes when playing tough guys.

Bobby Elliott

A classic radio broadcast. Enjoyable because of a happy ending where good triumphs over evil. Thanks for this one! Gives us all hope for love to conquer all.


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