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Voyage of Instrastar


The dream world has given a grieving psychologist a chance to reunite with his deceased wife. When he becomes convinced that he has discovered an alternate dimension where the souls of the dead congregate before they are reborn, he goes to great lengths to prove his theory.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 2, 1979
  • Repeat - September 11, 1979





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13 Responses to Episode 0967

I tried with this one. Really did. I kept an open mind and listened to it until the very end, but it just kept getting sillier and sillier. I did get a good laugh out of the plant that kept eating itself, though. :lol: Problem is, it's obvious this story wasn't supposed to be funny. (Unlike, say, "Garden of the Moon" with Kim Hunter, which, although suspenseful, was also a bit tongue-in-cheek; a sort of campy dark comedy. I enjoyed that one a great deal.) This "science fiction" tale sounded like it was written by someone who'd never actually read any real science fiction. If this story had been stripped of its pseudo science fiction trappings and written instead as a sort of psychological fantasy, it might have worked a little better. As it was, the thing was just a mixed-up, dim-witted mess. I thought it was almost as bad as Elspeth Eric's "Mind Over Matthew," At least "...Intrastar" had a shred of a plot, though. A silly plot, but a plot nonetheless.


First of all, the commercials on this were great: 1. How often did one get to hear Norman Rose advertising jewelry for sale at J.C. Penney? (He's still my favorite RMT voice.) 2. Did you hear the "Guess how many Massachussetts legislators have smoked pot" promo? Bet they wish they'd been on "Sierra Alpha 638" instead of this show. :lol: 3. That CARE commercial about joining hands "For CHIIIIILLLDREEEEEEN" (not belittling the noble cause at all, but the howling voices of the female singers) was a real blast from the past I recall hearing over and over. This episode could have had a bit stronger ending. It had promise, and the aforementioned Rose, Robert Dryden, Brynna Raeburn and Gordon Heath do good work...wish they'd had a tad more script to work with. Still, an interesting listen for a quiet afternoon.


I enjoyed this episode, although it did not live up to what others told me about it. The only thing I found silly about it was "Lord Z" name. Otherwise, I think it had a well developed strong character and a reasonably decent plot. I didn't think the sci-fi element was central to anything, being peripheral at best. I gave it a 7 in my log and a 4 here. One thing that hurt was I finally figured out that Bryna Raeburn is the voice of "Goldilocks" in those absolutely dreadful Diet 7Up commercials from 1974. It pains my ears to even think about them. ". . .this one is JUST RIGHT!"

Donald Clarence

I have to admit, I await the Sunday evening with giddy, schoolboy anticipation. Not being much of a TV watcher, the last time I had this kind of excitement over a program was back when the show St. Elsewhere was running on Wednesday nights. Boy, I liked that show! Anyhow, I saw the title of this episode and thought, "ahh. hmm. Intrastar. I bet it's one of those out-of-body shows." I guess I was right. It was enjoyable, although my audio file seemed awfully muffled in comparison to others. The show itself reminded me of an Ed Wood styled B-picture of the 50s genre. The characters were there, but for me just not all that alluring. I, too, found the self-eating plant to be funny! In all, it was a fun listen and I'm ever grateful that this website and the show of the day inspires us all to tune in. Thanks! I'm giving this show a 3.5 stars.


cbsrmt doesn't seem to do sci fi very well. OUT OF SIGHT is another example. this show reminded me of a Star Trek episode where powerful beings are thought to be gods. i wonder if all radio sci fi ends up sounding like a B movie. X Minus One and Dimension X come to mind. reincarnation seems to be a common thread in quite a few rmt shows. i wonder if the writers were putting their own beliefs into the shows or just exploring new things. the idea of going to another planet to wait to be reassigned to a new body to come back to earth to do it all over again is a bit depressing to me. my friend Bob had a similar religious view. he used to think he would go through life supposedly learning the answers to three questions and when he died God whould ask the three questions. if he knew the answers he could go to heaven. if not, he had to go back to earth as someone else to learn the answers he missed . Bob has since then been saved. back to the show. i found the love triangle too much. lord Z's helper didn't seem too bright. his plan wasn't thought out too well. if this was how things really worked we'd be in a lot of trouble. it seems they can make a new god , or destroy one, any time they want to. it seemed a lot like the Greek gods. all very chaotic. how old was the guy that was destroyed ? would his bones have turned to dust? i gave this show a 3. it was not one i'd listen to again but comparing it to other sci fi episodes it was average. BETWEEN THEESE WORLDS i thought was better. the other type of episode rmt seems to fail at is the romantic triangle with- no- suspense kind. THREE WOMEN and GHOST AT THE GATE are good ( or bad ) examples of these.

Gerard A.

first, let me say my copy was a bit hard to hear... for some reason the story didn't ''grab'' me, i pretty much lost interest in itBUT did listen all the way thru... i just thought the writing could have been better, to MAKE me want to find out what happens next kind of thing... i like the whole thing of reincarnation, that kind of story, but this didn't do anything for me, although the actors always give it a good try !!...if i were a writer, i wouldn't mix sci-fi with reincarnation as aplot .... later !!

Lorrie Jane A.

Well it took half a dozen times to actually get all of the way through it (kept falling asleep even though the last few days I was way past the 1/2 way point in listening. I liked it alright and have a decent copy (not that I'd have a clue how to upload it but would try if someone wanted to walk me through). I had the commercials and couldn't believe my ears on that one. I was trying to figure out if it was a joke but came to the conclusion that it probably wasn't. Back to the show. It was definitely far out but that's part of what CBSRMT is all about for me. It wasn't my all time favorite (don't have one yet) but it was interesting. Perhaps it's my background in social work (which I've never practiced outside of earning the degree) where I worked with the mentally ill. These sort of fantasies were the sort of things *some* of my "clients" (during internships) thought were reality. They'd talk about stuff we couldn't see, etc. The one thing that had me really confused was "lord Z". I thought for sure it was a woman until they referred to it as a "he". LOL. It was definitely and unusual voice. I was also surprised that that lord Baltos was stupid enough to make the 2 return trips to earth knowing he was breaking the major rules that would end life as he knew it. One would *think* a "lord" would be a bit smarter. Thanks for finally getting me to listen to this show. I've been meaning to for a long time. Now if I hurry I can catch up to this week's show before the next one comes out.

J. Byrd

I enjoyed reading your perspective on this program. I tend to go through life using my logic circuits so it's very refreshing to hear the perspective of a person who's trained from a social point of view.

Denny Perdue

I am listening to the show right now. It is a very poor quality recording that I have. Almost dificult to listen to. I wonder how many different recordings are out there and if ther is anything of higher quality available. I will attempt to muddle through here with the recording I have and post back later on my take.


An interesting, if sometimes confusing, meldingb of Christian ideas of the afterlife with Buddhist concepts of reincarnation, with a dash of Greco-Roman mythology thrown in.


This episode is really out there. I found it funny how Lord z talks like he is high tripping on drugs. "Yourrr soul liiives forrrevvvverrrr maannn!" Also funny is how the new age writer talks so pretentiously and snobbishly about scientists who won't believe the reality of his dream. "I tell you reincarnation is absolutely true! I dreamed it in a dream!" Scientist, "I can't believe it." Writer "Of course scientist's minds are closed and can't see the supernatural nose in front of their face. You found no evidence of the Interstar? Well I tell you I know it exists!" So funny. But on the other hand, why do listeners have such difficulty with reincarnation, but can accept very easily a Mystery Theater episode about a ghost haunting a newlywed couple in an old house?

D.C. Klinkensmit

A prominent psychiatrist sets out to prove that immortality is a fact -- that after death human souls ascend to Intrastar in the middle galaxy to await distribution to the unborn. His friends and housekeeper think Dr. Philip Sargent a bit daffy with his claims that in his dreams he visits his deceased wife, Helen, on Intrastar, a planet no earth astronomer has been able to detect. Sargent has found that in a dream-state his soul travels, disembodied, to Intrastar, where souls of the dead await distribution into the unborn. Though nobody believes him, Sargent vows to prove he’s made a great discovery, that reincarnation is a fact. He has some help from the current residents of Intrastar.


St. elsewhere was one of my favorite shows also!

Patricia Ehrich

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