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The Venus d'Ile


Venus has always been a tricky, tempestuous goddess for those who are aware of mythology. An unlucky gambler consents to a marriage for wealth and carelessly places the wedding ring on a Venus statuette. The situation turns tricky when the goddess comes to life and asks for his heart or his life.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 30, 1974
  • Repeat - July 19, 1974
  • Repeat - September 9, 1979





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16 Responses to Episode 0083

This episode just seemed silly! 82 with the woman talking to plants seems more reasonable than this odd Venus guy trap! lol


"Venus guy trap" though is very good.


Representative of nothing, I suppose, but the original story is spelled "Venus d'Ille," with two "l"'s. I liked it, though it was predictable. Not just The CBS Radio Mystery Theater, but pretty much in comtemporary fiction, if a man marries a woman for money, he must therefore die. Psychological thriller; questioned supernatural elements.


I'm easy to please. I like all the episodes just because they bring me such fond memories of my transistor radio crammed under my pillow and me crammed under my covers to scared to fall asleep. LOL! Plus the commercials are a hoot! I listened to CBS Radio Mystery on WDAF Kansas City. I love when there are news clips on the shows. Nixon is still president. Watergate is unfolding. So interesting to listen to this history. Thanks for putting all these episodes online. :-))

Jackson Stilgenbauer

Change the town to Pensacola and we shared the ' same ' room view-- and memories-- now scoot over lol lol #Ditto😄


Hi all, I was under my covers with radio under my pillow in Cleveland, Oh listening to WJW 850 AM. Good to know I wasn't the only teenager who slept with a radio LOL. Many a night I would fall asleep before the end of the show, but that was ok because I would come down for breakfast and ask my Dad how it ended, he was listening to it at the same time while in his workshop! HA HA, it gave us something to bond about. And yes the news and commercials are like ice cream on the cake. But I shudder to this day when I hear that horrible KIQI "bright and beautiful" music those stations would play. Man that elevator music was allful, but Dad listened to it all day, and I would switch back to rock 'n roll station. HA

A. Fan

A down on his luck gambler marries for money. However, when he carelessly places the ring on a statue, he finds himself betrothed to a goddess. Difficult to follow at times, but a good story with rich characters.

F. Bichara

The usually smooth and superb Norman Rose (ya'll will get a double dip of him next weekend) doesn't really disappoint here as a womanizing, financially ne'er-do-well frenchman who's overextended himself at a local gambling parlor. When informed that his credit is revoked and that he owes the parlor (which recently became the property of organized crime) a big debt, he scoffs...informing the manager that he's just about to be betrothed to a well known local and very rich woman. Later at her estate, playing tennis while a thunderstorm is approaching in the distance, Rose's character admires a large statue of Venus on the mansion grounds. The lady has a male friend also there who remarks that the statue was the "Venus d'Ile" and was once worshiped by the people in the area. Rose, meanwhile, is having trouble with his swing...he says his ring is to blame, and decides that a great place to put it would be the Venus statue's hand until he finishes his game. Bad idea. The male friend admonishes him, saying that if he puts a ring on the thing's finger she will interpret that to mean he wants to marry her. Whoops...the game's finished, rain is starting to pour down and now Rose's character can't get the ring off of the statue...

Jab Ebdani

A gambling addict is fortunate to be the object of affection of a wealthy heiress. He convinces his creditors to extend his credit on the promise that he will marry her and have access to her money. While playing tennis with his girlfriend, he stores a ring on the finger of a bronze statue of Venus (this one has arms!) against the advise of the woman’s butler who claims that it will be tantamount to proposing marriage to the statue of the Goddess of Love. He balks and does it anyway and afterward begins to hear the voice of the Goddess appealing for his affection as her new fiancĂ©. He struggles between his choice of the statue of the Goddess of Love, and the real life Goddes of Wealth . Very cool episode

Almero B.

This episode just seemed to implausible. Claude was a scoundrel full of vanity. With gambling debts looming over his head, he would have married the wealthy Rose instead of holding out and eventually falling for the statue of Venus. Not tangible, but a good listen. 3 stars.


The story seemed unlikely in several ways but was an okay listen. I thought it interesting that one of the rich woman's suitors was a first cousin of hers. I found the Watergate news clip much more interesting.


I love Evie Juster in most episodes, but somehow her voice just doesn't work this time as Venus. I think of Venus as a seductive temptress with a soft alluring voice. Evie Juster sounds much too old and cackley and just doesn't fit the Goddess of Love. It would have been much better if Evie had used her soft voice for this role, or if another actress had played Venus, such as Joan Loring. I think Joan Loring was especially good at playing temptress type roles and she would have been perfect as Venus, imo. Norman Rose was great in this episode, as usual.


Never play tennis wearing a ring!

Scooter D & the last of the Greens

The commercials and news of Watergate were interesting to listen to and reminders of the old days. I really enjoyed the newspaper strike, nothing like reading through the papers especially Sundays with the comics! Regarding the RMT episode, this was not one of my favorites by far. The storyline was different but the acting was not up to the usual measure, especially the waspish voice of Venus.


Well, I would've married Venus! I mean I'm sure the goddess of love would've taken care of those thugs and gambling debts quite easily! :)

Jim K.

This is one of the best episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Gemini lady Jackson

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