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The Wind and the Flame


A blackmailer pesters a rich businessman through phone calls. But it is the maid who answers his calls most of the time and she begins to suspect her employer's past? But is she blameless herself?



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 19, 1977
  • Repeat - February 5, 1978





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5 Responses to Episode 0711

The performance by Celeste Holm was the best element of the show. I liked her character so much, I wish she had been used again. She might have made a good amateur sleuth. The plot was a little too predictable though and overall I thought it was a rather bland episode.


Great story and Ms Holm was superb

dave s

Love this one! Reminds me of an Ira Levin play. Would love to see this transferred and expanded for the Stage as a period piece. This is Celeste Holm at her very best - as well as Norman Rose and Earl Hammond. Sam Dann at his very best as well!

Paul Liberti

After listening again - this cast would have been a perfect cast for Lucille Fletcher’s ‘Sorry Wrong Number’ for the CBS Radio Mystery Theater updated version for 1977 - Evie Juster could have played the additional young and old nurse. Celeste Holm or Teri Keane as Mrs Stevenson (we lost the original -Agnes Moorehead in 1974 - Norman Rose as the husband - Earl Hammond as the hit man. As one of their adaptations for a Halloween annual broadcast for CBS RMT. I wish Himan Brown had thought of that first. These casts were always so brilliant. Why not do the radio play that Orson Welles called ‘the greatest single radio play ever written’.

Paul Liberti

Celest Holm was such a magnificent actress. My favorite Radio Show of All time.

John Phillips

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