Celeste Holm (Actor)

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(04-29-1917 - 07-15-2012) Age 95

Celeste Holm won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Gentlemen's Agreement (1947). She has appeared on stage, TV and film. She was married to actor Wesley Addy, who also appeared on CBS Radio Mystery TheaterCeleste Holm also appeared in a number of Old Time Radio Shows.




She appeared in the following 7 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
05/20/1974 0094 The Crack in the Wall A house fire claims the life of the young daughter of the house. Her bereft parents move to a new apartment but cannot seem to repair a hole in their basement wall. Gradually, cries of a voice that seems startlingly like their daughter's begins to flow through the hole.
05/27/1974 0097 Mirror for Murder A bored wife is tired of her menagerie chores and her husband's job priorities. She starts to believe her mirror reflection and plans to reclaim her self.
07/29/1974 0124 Ghost at High Noon While on a road trip, two women experience car trouble in the middle of the desert. A strange old man driving an outdated wagon assists them and takes them to the nearest town. The women become suspicious and disturbed when they realize that the townsfolk do not seem to hear them.
08/19/1974 0135 The Hands of Mrs. Mallory Shortly after the death of her husband, Mrs. Mallory loses control of both her hands mysteriously. She meets a woman in Central Park who seems to have lost her legs in a similar manner and decides to consult her doctor. The consequences are beyond her expectations.
01/31/1975 0216 The Disembodied Voice A female psychiatrist begins to get phone calls from a man who claims to be a rapist and a killer. A police investigator tries to help.
03/02/1976 0441 Afterward When her husband suddenly goes missing, a woman soon discovers just how much appearances can be deceiving and misleading.
09/19/1977 0711 The Wind and the Flame A blackmailer pesters a rich businessman through phone calls. But it is the maid who answers his calls most of the time and she begins to suspect her employer's past? But is she blameless herself?

2 Responses to Holm Celeste

I love Celeste Holm, but in my honest opinion, her voice was just not strong enough for radio. She did better in motion pictures.


Robert - I respectfully disagree. As a voice actor myself - you learn mic technique and that the microphone is there to amplify you... actresses like Bryna Raeburn and Evie Juster - even Marian Seldes had softer voices and were so wonderful on CBSRMT. Listen to Celeste in 'Wind and the Flame' or 'Mirror for Murder'... so naturally funny and so much layering as an actress. You are right in the early days of radio -- the radios needed strong voices as the sound was not as good ... but by the 50s - technology got better. Imagine Celeste in Sorry Wrong Number!! I don't think her focus was for radio but for theater and film. She actually played Anna in the King and I on Broadway at the Majestic Theater -- without a mic.. !! and did just fine... Radio was just not her focus.


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