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Transmutation, Inc.


A small time hustler is forced into a moral dilemna where he must choose good or evil when he is confronted by the Devil himself.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 24, 1977
  • Repeat - October 6, 1977





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7 Responses to Episode 0653

Excellent character actors - very visual.

Fred Klein

Is there really a devil? This is the question that haunts "Bones" Terwilliger, a two-bit gambler and hustler, when he encounters a transient who offers him great wealth in exchange for his soul. This episode offers an interesting commentary on the nature of evil, and the way in which our path in life is determined more by small, seemingly insignicant acts and decisions, rather than big, dramatic events. Genre: Occult


No matter how often they've been done,I always enjoy deal with the Devil stories. Not sure why but I can't resist them as entertainment. Perhaps it's because I am THE DEVIL.

Dale haskell

This is one that stayed with me from when I was a kid. It's interest how you remember some thing, but forget others. But I remembered the plot and the final of this episode. It's still one of my favorites, along with "Death is a Dream."

Days of Broken Arrows

Kind of a dumb premise but really well produced. Loved the performances.

Bill Streeter

A slightly comical morality tale about a man who is led down the wrong path by the Devil, and then he has some big choices to make. My favorite scene in this episode, one of Bryna Raeburn's best performances imo, is where her character gives a vivid description of her version of Hell, and it really sticks with you, lol! The episode is worth listening to just for this scene alone, lol!


Very amusing story which I enjoyed immensely! Norman plays the part of Satan very well!

Jim K.

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