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Two Renegades


At the turn of the century, a case of mistaken identity lands a professional con man at the forefront of the Panamanian army.  His failure as a General becomes apparent with his lack of skills and Panama’s enemies learn to take advantage of his weakness.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 10, 1977
  • Repeat - August 1, 1977
  • Repeat - October 7, 1979





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“Two Renegades,” starring Robert Dryden and Ralph Bell, with E.G Marshall, host. O. Henry’s classic short story about a Yankee con man in Panama who, in order to save his neck, takes the oath of the Confederacy. Bernard O’Keefe, one of the U.S.’s most expert confidence men, is himself conned into leading an army of peasants against Panama’s tyrannical General Pomposo. But it’s an army of deserters and when the charge begins O’Keefe finds himself alone. He is taken prisoner and given three weeks to live. Only a Dr. Milliken can save him, but he is an unreconstructed rebel and O’Keefe must take the oath of the Confederacy before the doctor will lift a finger in his behalf. CAST: O. Henry ….....................ROBERT DRYDEN Doc Milliken...................Leon Janney Bernard O’Keefe.....................RALPH BELL Rosalia........................Byrna Raeburn El Tigre...............Ian Martin

1979 PR Synopsis

An O Henry tale of scams and schemers. A fun program.


A case of mistaken identity puts a con man at the head of the Panamanian army at the turn of the century. His failure as a General lands him in hot water with Panama's enemies.

Matt Rani

Very interesting though some of the dialogue was somewhat tiring, but...the ending made it worth it!!


This is an outstanding episode with great dialogue brought to life by some very talented actors. The progression of events holds the listeners interest and never lets go.


It is always fun to tell people that you are Bernard O'Keefe

Scooter D and the last of the greens

This a superb episode with some of the best actors in radio

keith ballard

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