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The Awakening


A police detective investigates the murder of a psychiatrist. His only clue is a tape of the murderer consulting with his psychiatrist just before the murder.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 23, 1976
  • Repeat - February 26, 1977





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13 Responses to Episode 0553

Very cleaver. Thriller about a pair of crimminals trying to commit the "perfect murder". No supernatural elements.


A police detective investigates the murder of a psychiatrist. His only clue is a tape of the murderer consulting with the psychiatrist.

Fernand A.

I thought the story's premise was intriguing, (the seeming recording of a murder) I remember being confused about which character had done what and who was responsible for what. I think it related to how similar the actors' voices sounded similar.

Joey Dona

Not a bad show. For some reason I always get a kick out of hearing E.G. saying in so many words of the psychologist (just after a crucial part of the show) "And just after saying that, she fainted."


I enjoyed this program but I completely blew it by thinking the female psychologist was in cahoots with the killer. It wasn't until late in the program that I realized the female voice that was aiding and abetting our killer was the secretary!


not a bad show but i was a bit confused the first time i listened. i might still be . was it the same actor playing the murderer and the short heavy-set 50-year-old man who was beeing blackmailed? my second time through made a little more sense but i think once more oughta do it. the killer's voice was very distinctive and found myself saying "that's him" every time i heard him. i like kim hunter in this role. then again i've liked her in every show i've heard her in so far. the part about the woman shrink fainting cracks me up. i wasn't expecting humor from E.G. there isn't much humor in any rmt shows . does anyone know of a funny show? i think ther's one about a good man who gets wings. i didn't hear it all. there was another one...hold on i'll look it's called DOUBLE ZERO. ther were a few jokes and it was on the lighter side of a murder investigation. back to this show, i never bought the idea of a guy waking up not being the same as when he went to sleep. if that really works i'm going to try to wake up as a millionare! just think how disappointed i'll be when i look in the mirror and it's just ME looking back! what a revoltin' predicament!

Gregory Hupp

I always welcome the opportunity to listen to Kim Hunter in these shows, but I had to say I didn't love this one. It could have used a red herring or two to keep it a bit more suspenseful. I did, however, get a chuckle out of the way the psychiatrist hypnotized the actor---by appealing to his EGO!

John Mina

I enjoyed it. What really got me laughing was the way the actor said the word "kill." I dunno, just something comical in the way he exaggerated the word... "I won't feel better unless I KEEEEL!" hehe

P. Garman

Comical. I'm afraid not in a good way. The killer who likes to KILL KILL KILL is a tad bit dramatic. The women are very good tho.


So we're supposed to believe some grumpy, older man is having not one, but TWO lurid affairs with younger women? Kim Hunter says he's "too short, too fat, and too old". When asked if he's a karate expert, he says, "I can hardly play croquet." Why-oh-why-oh-why would any YOUNG woman want this guy!?! It's just way too unbelievable. Having Kim Hunter in this episode helps, but it's really dragged down by bad writing.


I can usually bear some of the thin scripts and naïveté you get with many RMT characters, but this episode was terrible. A detective who constantly asks a psychiatrist 'So what? But what difference does it make? Why does that matter?' The writing and much of the acting in this episode was god awful.

Joe A

I enjoyed this one, but the problem lies in that there should have been an additional voice actor to play the man being blackmailed. Instead, they had Leon Janney double as both the killer/actor AND the short/fat man. Janney is one of my favorite OTR actors on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, but Hi Brown should have sprung for a fifth actor, or, at the very least, he could have had Earl Hammond play the short/fat man. That would have eliminated the confusion.

Dan in South Jersey

The only clue police have in the murder of a psychiatrist is a tape recording of the murderer’s conversation with his victim, before the murder took place, and the sounds of the murder itself. The tape doesn’t help the police at all until another psychiatrist, Dr. Amelia Zeltner, is brought into the case. She listens to the tape and finds motives for murder in it that the police were unable to comprehend.


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