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Shotgun Wedding


Charlie, a man of about 30, is invited by his co-worker, Gus, to meet his daughter. Gus feels that Charlie will fall instantly in love with Elaine. When Charlie meets her, he does fall in love with her. Then things begin to get strange. Charlie goes back to visit his beloved, but he finds the house and its occupants gone.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 29, 1976
  • Repeat - October 24, 1976





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8 Responses to Episode 0502

Good story.


This is a really cool story with a string of surprising twists. Very intriguing and always keeps you guessing as to what really happened. Did it happen or didn't it?


In the spirit of "The Death Bell" (please read Lagavulin's review of the same), I, too, ended this a bit confused but ya'll may hear otherwise. This starts out with RMT promise. A guy (in a machine shop) played by Jack Grimes is talking about women with a co-worker who's portrayed as a chauvinistic lout. Grimes' character says the other guy simply doesn't respect women, to which the other guy starts to come to blows. Enter another fellow (I wasn't quite sure, but he may have been some type of shop foreman) played by good ol' Court Benson...he starts beating the whey out of the oaf and has to be restrained from killing him by Grimes' character. Later, Benson takes Grimes for a drive. (I forgot the character names so I'll substitute the actors.) Benson says how much he admires Grimes views and dislikes the lout's. Grimes says (in the very insightful style of the RMT writers when they were at their best) that the lout is living in a fantasy world of how he wants to be perceived as a man, and says again to Benson that it wasn't worth almost killing the guy for. Benson drives on, learning that Grimes is an unmarried loner, and remarking what a good worker he is. Benson then informs the other man that he's going to meet Benson's daughter, and what's more, that Grimes is going to marry her come the Eternal lake of fire or high water. Grimes' character is dumbfounded until he gets to the home and meets her. She's incredibly beautiful, and seems just right for him. They have a wonderful day together. There's no one else at the house. Later, he tries to return another day to visit them but gets turned around. Stopping at a local beanery to ask directions he says the name of the guy (and his daughter) he's looking for, and scares the proprietor half to death, enough to call in the sheriff. Turns out Benson's character was a very jealous "no-man-is-good-enough-for-my-daughter" type of father who killed her in a fit of rage over a guy she'd fallen in love over and burned down their house years ago...even though Grimes had apparently been working side-by-side with him for an indeterminate time. This could have been very interesting had they stuck to that plot (and in this episode you're pretty sure Grimes is "the good guy".) But the twist that was thrown in threw me. Listen and maybe it won't do the same for you.

Fabian James

A meek man working with rough tough men at a machine shop is the butt of many jokes, but he shrugs it off with good nature, and maintains a high moral standard when the conversation turns to women. One of his co-workers notices this and not only insists that he meet his daughter, but has already arranged the time and place of the wedding.

Jaycee Cacacho

Wow, this one left me baffled, also, so I join the ranks of the confused, as well as saddened for all of the main characters. They were all doomed to disappointment.


I agree that this was a confusing story. I thought it was weird that they brought up where the father was supposed to be, but never followed up on it in the story. If they had it would've made the story a little less confusing.


Like the rest of the chorus, the ending confused me, too. I can grasp where dear old dad may have come from, but what about the daughter? Was she somehow the real instigator of the whole thing via her father?


Good RMT show! An enjoyable listen.


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