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Forty-Five Minutes to Murder


Inconsistencies in the official statement given by a businessman regarding his wife's murder move a brilliant defense attorney to scrutinize it further. All evidence point towards foul play and the answers he seeks can be found in poison.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 28, 1976
  • Repeat - October 9, 1976





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5 Responses to Episode 0495

A defense attorney examines discrepencies in the story of a businessman whose wife was murdered. The solution lies in how fast poison works.

Vicky Lobangco

Business associates in a long standing bitter feud refuse to talk to each other. Finally one breaks the silence with the gift of a very expensive bottle of cognac. Taking the package from the delivery man he is surprised but delighted at the generous gift. He calls his wife to share a glass with him and after her first mouthful she drops dead. Good detective story with lots of suspects.


This was a fairly good detective story about one person's account vs. another - who is telling the truth? I like how the detective senses something wrong and almost gives up a few times before finally arriving at the truth.


On his birthday, Emmet Martindale, vice president of Carroway Chemicals, receives a $200 bottle of cognac from a disagreeable business associate, Jim Raglan. Martindale believes it is a reconciliation gift from Raglan, who for many years has coveted both Martindale’s position and his wife, Emma. Emma’s first swallow kills her, though, and all clues point to Raglan as the murderer until Lt. Cooper discovers a 45-minute time lapse when someone else could have poisoned the cognac.


Fun episode. Catch how Larry Haines calls his boss Mr DA, needs key lime pie to figure out a pretty glaringly obvious case, and actually asks how a chemical plant owner would get hold of poison.

Melanie C

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