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Loser Takes All


When Jake Alexander, the world's top agent first sets eyes on the beautiful Delphi Carr, he takes both a professional and personal interest in her. Before he can act out on either, she gets married and instead urges Jake to sign on her husband, actor Deke Roberts. Jake willingly agrees with the evil intention of murdering him.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 1, 1976
  • Repeat - October 10, 1976





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6 Responses to Episode 0496

A talent agent conspires to murder the husband of a rich and beautiful woman so he can possess her.

Elena P.

A talent agent is stricken by a beautiful woman and sees a big future for her, and them. She, being a princess, independently wealthy, and uninterested. Being persistent he keep after her and she finally tells him she is married. He still wants her and she uses his interest in her to have him take on her husband as a client. Agreeing, but furious, he plots a way to rid himself of him, and bind himself to her.


A real morality tale about how badly the machinations of an obsessed man can do awry. Well-done acting by all!


An interesting story about a man who thinks he can stop at nothing to get what he wants, only to find out if that's really true or not. A good listen.


Woah! Didn't see that ending coming. Very sad.

Vicky Hernandez

Great episode! And yes, it was a sad ending but it caught me by surprise.


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