Lois Nettleton (Actor)

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(08-16-1927 - 01-18-2008) Age 81
She appeared in the following 7 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/11/1974 0006 Honeymoon with Death Her husband disappears after their return from the honeymoon and the young wife's sister insists that the nuptial was a mere fantasy. She attempts to persuade a cop that her husband was indeed killed.
09/16/1975 0345 The Prison of Glass In order to escape the emotional baggage in her life, a talented but troubled actress dreams of being able to seek refuge in a glass snow globe she has an unusual fixation with.
03/19/1976 0451 A Matter of Love and Death Having grown weary over sharing him with crazed fans, the wife of a legendary football player walks into a police precinct and confesses to his murder.
03/30/1976 0458 The Intruders Troubled by spirits that haunt her home, a woman becomes strangely attached to her ghostly housemates as she watches them go about their daily lives.
04/25/1976 0476 The Serpent of the Nile A classic rendition of Shakespeare\'s \"Anthony and Cleopatra.\" It tells of their tempestuous relationship and equally tragic death.
05/06/1976 0480 What a Change in Hilda For two women, a small fee to obtain their heart's desire seemed a reasonable price to pay. Little did they know that would get more than they bargained for.
05/31/1976 0487 Ghost Town In the journey to find his family, a man carjacks a lonely traveler in Death Valley. Together they drive to a ghost town to find answers.

3 Responses to Nettleton Lois

Lois' speech inflections are incredibly charismatic, yet very authentic. She has absolute command of the characters she portrays. I didn't mention her in the past tense, because someone with that much life in them could never fade away.

Dale Mohrbacher

Beautifully said, Dale. A fine actress

Barbara K

Lois was married to the great writer/radio host Jean Shepherd for most of the 60s...


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