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The Safe Judge


When the son of the city's most fearsome gangsters pulls strings to get his son of drug possession charges, an upstanding judge finds his reputation on the line and he himself becomes a victim of blackmail.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 12, 1976
  • Repeat - August 27, 1976





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4 Responses to Episode 0467

A gangster applies pressure on a congressman to find him a judge who can be bribed so he can get his son off for drug possession.

Joshua Richardson

A mobster's reckless son is pulled over and arrested for possession of heroin by a policeman leading a well-known crusade against the mobster. At his wits end with his son, but succumbing to the pleas of his wife, he attempts to fix the trial and have his son freed. Calling in favours from politicians and city officials, he appears to have everything under control until the case falls to a judge whose record is unblemished by scandal or compromise. How much pressure can this judge withstand, and will the spectre of bribery taint his impeccable record of integrity.


A good episode about doing what you think is right, but then not knowing the real reason you made the decision (which the main character points out). I like that the ending is left open so you can come to your own conclusion on how it turns out based on what you know of the characters in the story to that point - did you prefer a comedic (happy) ending or a tragedy?


Terrible ending. It occurs to me that the episodes were too short for decent resolution most of the time. Now that i am 60 instead of thirteen, i am liking them all less. The acting os great. The stories start to wealen by 1975, and are less and less radio mystery theatre as the years move along. I still listen though the episodes have started to lose their appeal


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