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Years into the future, a perfect society is born-- a society without fear, hate and all other negative emotions. Pandora seeks to inflict her sorrow on others and Mara's obsessive love for Willis and their baby threatens to destroy Paradise. This leads to Mara being sentenced to death, but at the last moment she is sent to the past where she begins to appreciate the life she had.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 11, 1976
  • Repeat - July 28, 1976





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8 Responses to Episode 0446

A woman living in a future utopian society finds little satisfaction in having her heart's desire just for the asking. She begins to act out and falls under state scrutiny for fear that her disease of unhappiness will spread and put all civilization at risk. I will be adding this to our grade 8 Utopia unit in which we read Lois Lowry's "The Giver", and watch "Logan's Run" and "Fahrenheit 451" to compare views of, and reactions to utopian societies.

Lego Decillo

I am surprised there is not more feedback on this episode. Lego is correct it has much to say even more today as we socialism on the rise in our culture at it promises happiness for all. This was written in the '70's but is even more applicable and potent today. The unmasking of sexual freedom as a lie and the allusion to the pain mothers experience long after the abortion speaks powerfully to us as well. Rare in a program to speak philosophically but not be to preachy or corny. This one really walked that line and nailed it. I give it 8 out of 10. Joe Nic

Joe nic

This is one of those cautionary tales that makes us think outside the box. Mara (played by Patricia Elliot) isn't happy living in a world of Paradise, like she's going through a Mid-Life crisis. And no one, not even Willis (played by Norman Rose), Roland (played by Don Scardino), and Joan Banks (played by Melissande) can't help her escape from her misery. Humans have to realize that HAPPINESS itself, is like MOTIVATION: it comes from within. Nobody can make another person happy. People will change when THEY want to, not when YOU want them to. Plus, Paradise is a state of mind, not a place to visit. This CBSRMT episode kind of reminds me of a TWILIGHT ZONE episode; Season 5 Ep. 17 "Number 12 Looks Just Like You"; where everyone is happy to live longer and be physically attractive except for 1 who refuses to be like everyone else. But anyway, E.G. Marshall's contribution to this was terrific, it gave fans to think about to never mess up a good thing


Very well written and performed episode. It really made me think, and appreciate the adversity I have in my life--and the "suspense." :)


I agree that this was a good story. It is what people believe socialism should be, but never gets to. I can't imagine living that long and having whatever you want - it would get boring.


A very good episode. I gave this episode 5 Stars. A woman living in the future can have anything she wants. She becomes bored and has the chance to go back to the mid 70's where she can live a life of advirsity and suspense. Which do you think she will choose in the end?

Don Heiland,Jr.

Mara reminded me of myself....everyone else wondering why she wasn't "happy." Life isn't perfect enjoy the small things


Well you can believe in capitalism, and get crooks and liars working for foreign interests.


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