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Can You Trust Your Husband?


In an attempt to disprove the drug trafficking charges against her husband, a wife investigates on her own. She soon becomes tormented with misgivings upon learning that she did not know husband as well as she previously believed.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 20, 1975
  • Repeat - October 18, 1975





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10 Responses to Episode 0295

This was a really good episode except the intro made zero sense. The husband's wife is learning how to use a gun, points the gun at her instructor and says ,"I intend to kill you." Typically, the intro is a preview of the upcoming episode and is repeated at some point within the episode. However, the scene is not repeated in this episode. I was so confused! Apparently the intro was completely irrelevant to this episode and was included as a mistake. 🤔


Ted Mallard is a businessman who has a branch office in London. He travels there frequently. Upon returning to New York from his latest trip he is detained by customs and arrested for smuggling cocaine. He is jailed without bail. He maintains his innocence and his wife Myra believes him but a police officer visits her in the hope of getting her to persuade her husband to cooperate with the investigation. He tells her that her husband is part of a smuggling ring and that he keeps another woman in an apartment as part of a double-life that he is leading. He denies it and she is left to try and determine whether or not she has been duped by the man she thought she knew. This is a pretty good whodunit type of episode.

Ricky Jay West

A mild-mannered stereo equipment salesman is arrested on an international flight for heroin smuggling. His wife sets out to prove his innocence, but encounters her own doubts.

Jaci Vasquez

A couple's lives are turned upside-down when he is arrested for smuggling upon returning from one of his regular business trips abroad. having had the utmost faith in each other, they are certain the mistake will be cleared up. But under mounting evidence, the foundation of her faith is crumbling.

Meylyn C.

Good episode. Not classic but worthy of a listen. Hold's your interest in a satisfying way. I'd give it 6 out of 10.

Joseph Nicolosi

It should be a crime against humanity to portray such stupid and hysterical women as the one appears at the begininng of the play. (I assume she will travel the road to Damascus before the end.)

Bill King

A fairly good episode. It was interesting to see all the facts and how they pointed one way, and then to look at them differently with the husbands words (and a well timed visit to the office) to see them differently.


OUTSTANDING EPISODE!!! There’s a wonderful surprise turn of events in this episode that you won’t see coming. A great suspenseful drama! In the end, true love and trust triumph over seemingly insurmountable adversity. My favorite voice actress, Bryna Raeburn, plays the Secretary and the Street Wise Dame.

Eric Templeton

Great episode. I loved the ending: "Marriage...I may even try it myself!" LOL!!!

Jim K.

A really great episode!


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