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The Mills of the Gods


An American tourist becomes enamored of a Parisian while traveling through Europe. What she doesn't know is that the Frenchman is a wanted serial killer, and that the whole police task force are determined to capture him before he can strike again.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 23, 1975
  • Repeat - October 19, 1975





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Valerie Reynolds is a rich young American woman living in Paris. She's also a former Olympic skier. Her boyfriend, Jeff Garrett, also an American, is a television corespondent. He's just returned to Paris from an assignment in the Mideast to find out from her brother that she departed for Holland some weeks ago. He had been receiving letters from her that were postmarked from Paris so this makes no sense. Deciding that the only thing to do is to travel to Holland, he goes there and when he arrives all indications are that she has jilted him for another man. This is an enjoyable listen.

Samuel Peterson

An American woman falls for a Frenchman in Paris. The man is a serial killer. A French police inspector has a plan to catch him before he can claim his next victim.

Marymon A.

Not too bad of an episode. I was definitely confused at the beginning on what was really going on, but after the explanation it made more sense. I was also wondering about the title, but it made sense in the end (which I thought it must, but just not how).


The killer's confession would not have helped the police because he had already been found innocent in a court of law and no one can be tried twice for the same crime - this is called the rule against " double jeopardy " . For example, O.J. Simpson could have admitted he killed his wife after his trial was over and he could not have been tried again .

Richard Theiling

Television correspondent Jeff Garrett returns to Paris from Asia and discovers that his fiancée, Valerie Reynolds, has left for Holland. Following Valerie, who is attractive and wealthy, Jeff finds her with Hendryk Van Dorn, whom Valerie claims to love, although she knows he was acquitted recently for the murder of his wife. A French detective, Inspector Michaud, is also following the couple, as he suspects Van Dorn in the murder of two other women. Valerie reveals to Michaud that Van Dorn’s wife was her close friend, and she is determined to kill him to avenge her friend’s death.


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Professor Richard Pierson

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