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The Final Witness


An average Joe becomes the accidental witness to the murder of a friend. But his nerves fail him in the witness stand and the murderer is acquitted. Soon after his friend starts paying visits much to his horror and only extreme steps will appease his spirit.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 2, 1975
  • Repeat - August 12, 1975





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9 Responses to Episode 0267

The main character's wife was such a bossy you-know-what that it made me wonder what he saw in her in the first place. Great ending.


Sam Dann's female characters are very often shrews. His daughter wrote here, too. I hope she didn't hate her mother as much as Sam clearly hated his wife. (He wrote *a lot* of shrews! If they're weren't shrews, they were almost always really stupid and/or terrible in some way. Extremely rare for him to have ever written a story with a strong, smart woman character.)


This one was sort of boring to me. I was hoping it would have ended differently.


A middle-class joe witnesses the murder of a friend. His description leads to an arrest. When he wavers on the stand and the killer goes free, his old starts to visit him. I takes drastic measures to make the visits stop.

Pat Tull-Boggs

A man is sent out to pick up some milk by his wife. He is told not to go to a particular store because he always ends up spending too much time there. Of course, he goes where he shouldn’t and visits with the grocer and is there when an armed robber comes in and guns down the proprietor. He is left alive and is able to provide a clear and vivid description of the perpetrator to the police, much to his wife’s annoyance feeling that now he may be a target for fingering the criminal. She is right, and the mother of the killer approaches the man in her role as both mob leader and mother of the accused.

Albert Bob

I have to say that the woman's voice of the wife was so annoying that I found it hard to listen to. This episode was not one of my favorites. Don't listen to me! I think that the reviews should be avoided because the whole fun of waiting for the episodes to air was wondering what tale would the CBSRMT would tackle next.


Well, at least Oliver won\'t have to put up with contentious Cassie. It was a release in more ways than one. Ugh. What a dreadful woman. She got worse once she got greedy.

Vicky Hernandez

This episode really gave me the willies. A good natured guy who just wants to help his friend gets in WAY over his head. As the wretched Ellsworth woman said, "You may be sadder, but you are much wiser." What an awful burden to carry.


This guy must have had a photographic memory - I couldn't describe someone as circumspectly as he did, even for people I know. Another tale of someone trying to do the right thing, even if they don't do it correctly the first time. I thought it was a fairly good story, even if he had a shrewish wife.


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