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The Killer Inside


The mundane life of a regular citizen is stirred up after she transports a package to Europe at the special request of her beloved. She finds herself caught up in an international mystery.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 1, 1975
  • Repeat - July 1, 1975





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18 Responses to Episode 0249

Nioe "soft"py story. Predictable ending but worth the listening time.


I didn't care for it as I imagined several more interesting directions it could have gone in. I thought maybe a "True Lies" set up by Norm because she was so bored, or that finding out he was a spy would make her respect him and live happily ever after, or even that shewas having a dream and she'd be happy for a less suspensefull real life.

Roger Huggett Jr.

Stars Ann Meara as a thirty year old woman with a domineering mother, a dull fiance and, overall a dull life... When she wins a raffle and travels to London; within a few hours she meets a fascinating man and is accused of murder. It may not be perfect but this is a very entertaining episode, well written and perfectly cast.

Jeremy Bushong

A woman leads a predictable life with her mother and frequent, predictable visits from her fiancé, both of them lecturers at the local university. Apparently frustrated with the lack of excitement and interest in her life, she is very pleased when she wins a trip to London and, despite the hesitancy of her mother is determined to go. When her fiancé turns up he is quite enthusiastic and the mother immediately changes her tune. He encourages her to go and enjoy herself, and while she’s there, look up a professor he has been corresponding with and deliver an envelope of linguistic research. Now, you know there’s just got to be more to it than this… This was a fun episode with some great twists.

Justin Bowie

I liked this episode. Exciting for Gwen with the Earl & not good for Norm once Gwen returns back home.


I love Anne Meara & wish she had done more CBSRMT episodes.

Setaac Mister E's

A real fun show to listen to!!


An engaging take on the late 60s spy paranoia, brainwashing, and mistaken identity a la North by Northwest or The Manchurian Candidate. Not up to the same standard, of course, but definitely an above-average episode.


An entertaining episode for me. I thought it entertaining to see that her fiancé was more than he appeared to be and that she turned into more than she appeared to be.


Anne Meara, her one & only episode was #249, the Killer Inside. Her name is incorrectly spelled Mira in the episode guide but her voice is unmistakable. Great story with a touch of the humor that she was famous for. She will be missed.


The ever-professional Anne Meara makes the most of her one episode of CBSRMT. Her deft touch of humor "...senisible shoes, I don't think I have any other kind." was always welcomed. Nice touches of foreshadowing prior to her trip. The sad resignation in her voice instantly provides sympathy for her character. And isn't it a natural that her beau was named "Norman"? The shades of Alfred Hitchcock's series of paranoid films like "North by Northwest" or "The Man Who Knew Too Much" are rampant and well-done in this episode. Early on, we see Gwendolwn's questioning of her own sanity and inevitable fall into espionage. The victim hood on display with Meara's performance is chilling. Her words quake in a world of self-confident, if untrusted voices. There were some twists here - not exactly O Henry stuff - but sufficient for a one hour radio drama. Great not-so-old revisit to old-time radio.


Really liked this one. Well acted. Everything's resolved at the end...or is it, as E.G. Marshall speculates with us a little at the end.


I just noticed the original air date: April Fools’ Day. It’s a fun episode.


Gwendolyn Wilkinson, 30 and single, wins first prize in a raffle -- a 10-day trip to London. Her mother doesn’t think she should go -- she might lose her timid boyfriend of three years, a fellow teacher at the university. But he insists she go, taking with her an envelope for his London friend, Toby Hazlitt. Shortly after she delivers the envelope, Hazlitt, an alleged secret agent, is murdered. Gwendolyn, the last person to see him alive, is accused of the crime.


Cute, fun story!


Very nice episode. Good writing, plot, acting and sound quality. I very much appreciate having these Radio Mystery Theater episodes archived on line. Thank you.

Kathy D

For me, this switched back to the last episode about the guy cheating on his wife with the escaped murderess. I would have liked to hear the full Anne Mira episode.


Other than "he's a college professor and she's a math teacher" (and EG repeatedly referring to her as a girl) when they both are professors at the same university, it wasn't too bad. Flirted with ludicrous a few times (e.g., "maybe I am a spy and I've forgotten"), but didn't stray too far down those paths. Fairly successful thriller that didn't rely on ESP or other nonsense.


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