Anne Mira (Actor)

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(09-20-1929 - 05-23-2015) Age 86

Anne Meara, an accomplished comedienne, had to love Ben Stiller; she is his mother.


She appeared in the following episode of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
04/01/1975 0249 The Killer Inside The mundane life of a regular citizen is stirred up after she transports a package to Europe at the special request of her beloved. She finds herself caught up in an international mystery.

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The correct spelling of her name (Meara) appears next to her picture, not in the listing above (Mira).


Anne Meara, her one & only episode was #249, the Killer Inside. Her name is incorrectly spelled Mira in the episode guide but her voice is unmistakable. Great story with a touch of the humor that she was famous for. She will be missed.


Remembered from "Stiller and Meara", the comedy team, the "Little Blue Nun" commercials, and Ben Stiller, her son

Jon hendry

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