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Killer of the Year


A promising CEO meets the new town librarian. He knows her to be a former murder convict he had previously had a crush on. But that can't stop him from falling for her again.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 31, 1975
  • Repeat - June 29, 1975





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10 Responses to Episode 0248

OK story with a kind of bummer ending.


Stay true to your wife! Stay true to your wife! Man, they never listen. Then stuff like this happens. Intersting story; medium quality episode in my opinion.


Well acted, but a little too predictable.

Roger Huggett Jr.

Never directly approach someone you know to be an escaped killer. Call the cops. Oh, and stay true to your wife.


A pillar of the community is recognized for his charity and philanthropic work being named Man of the Year. Some years ago, while delivering a series of seminars, he attended a sensational murder trial whose defendant was a beautiful charming woman who seemed to catch his eye quite often. After being sentenced to a significant jail term he forgets about her and returns to his work and his family. At the Man of the Year presentation he encounters this woman again… or is it a double? Whatever the case, she has captivated his attention and we learn just how moral and ethical this Man of the Year actually is.

Denver Delovina

One would think that Harry's resolve would've become a little more firm at Lt. Cragen's words: "If there were more people like you, how much easier our job would be." But, no. Harry's not the first man to think that he can play with fire and not ever get burned. Agree with Roger Huggett, Jr. "Wilma" was brilliant as a cat sizing up her hesitant, but willing prey; no need to pounce.

Vicky Hernandez

An okay listen, but as stated previously it was predictable. Rarely in these stories are people tempted where they aren't swayed by that temptation (what kind of stories would those be?). I guess everyone is tempted to a greater or lesser degree, it's just a matter of how they react to it that says what kind of person (Person of the Year?) they are.


Harry Johnson!


Uhhuh, Bevis, did you catch that name?


Sam Dann really hated women. (His daughter's first episode aired not long before this one. It was a lot better!!)


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