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Death Is a Dream


A girl has a dream about her brother being murdered. She starts to wreak revenge on the murderer even though it's unclear whether the murder actually took place.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 26, 1975
  • Repeat - June 22, 1975





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10 Responses to Episode 0245

A school teacher vows to uncover the murderer of a her policeman brother by infiltratiing the slum neighorhood where the killing occurred. Haunted nightly by a recurring dream of the murder, she takes a job as a teacher to the local kids and moves into the neighborhood hoping to find any clue to the killer's identity. She finds more than she bargains for. This is pretty much a straight drama with an important message about taking responsibility for this world in which we live. Genre: DRAMA

Jercs Simon Jr.

A school teacher in a comfortable neighbourhood has a dream about her policeman brother being shot to death in pursuit of a criminal. Upon waking, she learns that somehow her dream actually happened in real life. Distraught and frustrated by the police’s apparent inability to bring the perpetrator to justice, she leaves her plum position to take a most difficult job in the neighbourhood in which her brother was killed. She believes that by becoming part of the community she will be able to root out the killer. She does not count on the challenges of the job and the way of life of the people her brother served behind the badge.


This is a good one. All the actors used their voices brilliantly. This plot always works. It worked in To Sir With Love, Up The Down Staircase, etc.


This was a pretty good episode and the main character grew from her experience. I think that was pretty good.


great episode!

Nabetse zitro

An excellent and pleasingly entertaining episode! The voice accents of the boys in the classroom reminded me of “The Bowery Boys” TV shows that were filmed in the 1940’s in black and white.

Eric Templeton

CBS Mystery meets the Blackboard Jungle. Instead of the teacher being a male with a wife, she is a grieving sister of a murdered policeman.

Scooter D & the Greens

If you’re into stereotypical hysterical women, this episode is for you. If not, good luck getting past the 6-minute mark.


Mercedes cries her way through another episode. Otherwise very good!


Very good episode! One of few roles I've heard where Mercedes doesn't portray a macabre lunatic!😁

Jim K.

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