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A Very Old Man


A wizened man has clairvoyance abilities and even relieve physical suffering with a simple touch



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 22, 1974
  • Repeat - March 22, 1974
  • Repeat - December 17, 1978





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18 Responses to Episode 0017

All the names are Germanic in this episode, and people ride horses from place to place, giving a sort of classical European flavor to this episode. Nice happy ending. Supernatural story involving miraculous healing.


I grow up in a very conservative christian family. We didnt have a TV. CBS mystery theater on KNX 1070 in LA was what I looked forward to more than anything else. Thank you for letting me relive My best childhood memoriesđŸ˜˜ I listen to M.T. every nite And so do so of my siblings. God bless. Your biggest fan. Chris


I was really pumped a few minutes into A Very Old Man. What a great plot. The father-in-law of a doctor has the ability to see "through" his patients and fix wrong diagnoses, and also a kind of healing "touch" that cures people and animals. Unfortunately, his daughter thinks the old man is crazy, and as more people start to think he's a miracle worker, his son-in-law starts to get jealous. The great plot, though, was dampened by extremely poor acting. Santos Ortega was OK a the old man, but the daughter and son-in-law were atrocious.


Real human drama, basic but extraordinary. A very good episode.

Frank S.

An ancient man has the power to heal people with his touch and has uncanny insight into people's character and motives.

Mr. Guttierez

Little too sappy in places, but otherwise a decent story. Rose shines.

F. Larason

An old man appears to have the power to diagnosis and heal people, much to the chagrin and embarasment of his son-in-law the medical doctor. How far we have come in the last quarter century in our treatment of the elderly. A loose script.

Nicholas B.

In the end this was really a sentimental/sweet tale about a very old man and how he changed the people around him.


We were on our trip to Grand Canyon on highway 40 when I played for my children , they loved it and enjoy it,thank you


Wow I love these old radio shows, the older the better. A lot of people might think they are corny or bad acting because today folks wait for violence, blood, rape and killing women. perverted men. That was not what that era was about. These programs are perfect for their time, the dramatic music, the overacting because they are soap operas, the not good enough acting for most today. These are classics of a more innocent time. We will never read a criticism about these show in a bad light from people who come from this era and older or just appreciate the show


I discovered your, this site thanks to an English radio station here in Quebec Canada, city of Montreal. The radio station is CJAD. They stopped broadcasting the shows, but like I said, I found this site. Listen to it every night on my patio with a nice cup of tea. Thanks for this very entertaining show.

Jeff Smith

Great episode! I don't know what one of the previous goobers was thinking when he said the acting in this episode was atrocious! His opinion is atrocious, and stupid to boot! As for another previous comment about how far we've came in the past century in the treatment of old folks, yes, how far indeed! Downhill that is! In the past families stuck together and shared the burden of elderly care, but now, the family has gone to shit and we stick old folks in nursing homes that generally treat them like crap!


I loved this episode. I agree with the previous readers and listeners. I listened to these shows as a child and really enjoy hearing them again. I'm planning on listening to them every night. Thank you for putting this site together !!!!


Another on of Elspeth Eric's episodes about father-daughter/daddy issues, lol! A father pines for his youngest daughter who died long ago, while her older sibling feels jealous and abandoned. Her passion for getting him to give up his obsession for his late baby girl is more than just concern for his mental health. She just can't stand it that Daddy doesn't lover her as much, which is a theme Elspeth Eric loves to write about in many of her stories. It gets boring and repetitious, imo. The story regarding his healing abilities was okay and interesting enough as a plot, but the acting was horrible! One of the worst acted episodes ever because of the acting of the main players. (Bryna Raeburn and some of the supporting actors were okay.) Also, was any one else annoyed by the way they kept saying, "a very old man, just a very old man," over and over? Sorry for being so critical, but this episode is definitely not among my top ten faves. It was repetitive and hammy, imo.


I meant to say, "She just can't stand it that Daddy doesn't *love* her as much."


When I was studying at University in he early 1970's, I lived on sailboat in an anchorage, with no power, and only a radio for entertainment. each evening after rowing out to my humble home i woud make dinner, have a drop or two of wine and settle down in my bunk. i woud tune in the "Mystery Theatre" and listen as I drifted off to sleep. So many nights this program kept me company. Now some forty plus years later, i have found this website, and once again, at bedtime I stream an episode, and drift off to sleep almost hearing the water lapping against the hull of my little sloop, as i rocked slowly to sleep in the harbour.... thank you for making this available!

Jennifer Edwards

Interesting lifestyle. I bet others here would like to hear more. RMT on a boat on starry nights.... cool.


An interesting episode, no murder, but lots of mystery! An old man with miraculous healing power. Makes one think that the impossible is possible, and why not?


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