Santos Ortega (Actor)

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Santos Ortega starred in Radio's The Adventures of Nero Wolf and narrated The Shadow.

He appeared in the following 4 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/22/1974 0017 A Very Old Man A wizened man has clairvoyance abilities and even relieve physical suffering with a simple touch
01/26/1974 0021 The Ring of Truth A tortured story about a father's coercion to get his daughter to testify against her beloved in a homicide by vehicle case.
09/03/1974 0143 The Imp in the Bottle A man buys an amulet that can make his wishes come true. But in order to salvage his soul, he must dispose of it before he dies by selling it for a lesser price than he had bought it for.
10/16/1975 0363 Stay Out of Dutchman's Woods While picnicking in the woods of Maine, a young couple on vacation are separated and become hopelessly lost. The woman makes her way back to civilization, while the man encounters the forest's beautiful enchantress.

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I wish Ortega would have lived a few more years; he was terrific in the episodes he starred in.


samtos ortega was an incredible radio performer.i will always remember him as grampa hughs on the cbs soap opera as the world turns.jimmy boy.

jimmy gonsalves

Santos Ortega performed the role of Commissioner Weston in "The Shadow."


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