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The Fatal Marksman


A regular clerk leaves his vocation to become a hunter - in order to impress the girl he loves. But this breaks a vow he made to his deceased mother. Her vengeful spirit puts a curse on him for doing so and his gun misses every single target. However, another friendly spirit gives him charmed bullets - that come at a price.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 28, 1974
  • Repeat - October 27, 1974





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10 Responses to Episode 0140

The folk legend best known as the plot of the opera Der Freischütz gets the CBSRMT treatment. It retains the pre-modern German setting for the story of a novice hunter who unwisely relies on dark magic to improve his aim, but the script does otherwise diverge from more famous versions of the story. Surprisingly low on atmosphere, given the source material, but the story has endured for a reason, and makes for an engaging episode.

Matt Sandwich

In this fantasy tale, to win the love of his life, a man agrees to give up his simple clerical position in order to become a hunter -- breaking a promise to his deceased mother. His dead mother curses his gun so he can't hit anything, but another agreeable spirit gives him enchanted bullets -- that come at a price.

Bryce Titco

A young balif’s assistant is deeply in love with a hunter’s daughter. The hunter though is against their marriage because in order for them to keep their land, they must provide forster services to the Duke as they have done for generations. The balif trades his quill for his dead father’s gun who was also a forester, but his mother, from beyond the grave, reminds him of his oath to her never to use the gun (why? We don’t know). This was a good episode, despite a couple of little holes. A great blend of drama and ghost story. Enjoyable and tru togothic fiction.


A typical story of a ghostly mother coming back to make sure that her son doesn't marry a nice girl. I hate it when that happens...4 stars.


Five stars, good acting, rich story line, layered plot, loved it.


I guess there are reasons old classics become classics, but when we're told early on that not all of the bullets will work, how can we not guess the ending? Ghosts, witchcraft.


The ending was somewhat predictable, but still a good story. It would've been nice to understand why the mother cursed the gun in the first place as that wasn't told (that I remember). Also, did the main character really have a good shot to start with, or was he just saying he should because of who his father was? Perhaps I wasn't paying enough attention to the story.


To win the hand of his beloved Katherine, William must demonstrate to her father his prowess as a hunter. Not a hunter by profession, William retrieves his dead father’s enchanted gun, breaking a solemn deathbed oath to his mother. Initial success gives way to persistent failure, leading William to forge magic bullets, one of which has the power to destroy all his dreams.


One of the better CBSRMT‘s Well acted and well produced with not some of the usual poor voice actors. Even the special effects were excellent, the nature sounds of the woods at night were really well done. And I did not see the ending coming.


An excellent episode one that goes in my favorites! Great acting, signs effects and story line. An ill fated love story with supernatural influences. Thoroughly enjoyed and the commercials were great to hear! Thanks CBS MET and E.G.Marshall!


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