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The Iron Horse


Being born under a lucky star as the seventh son of a seventh son, a charlatan and a hard-up dreamer become extremely wealthy after a chance encounter.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 19, 1980
  • Repeat - February 3, 1981





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6 Responses to Episode 1137

I like the Iron Horse, one of my favorite funny episodes and yo can tell they're poking fun at a lot of different things in this one. lol.


I really liked this one too. Well put together.


Wow, thank you to this Website for preserving this little gem of Yiddish culture. Himan Brown started his career with Yiddish newspapers and Yiddish programs and his parents had interest in Yiddish Theater. This episode is like a translation of a Yiddish tale from a Shtetle in Poland or Russia. The characters are very authentic, right down to their vernacular, expressions, and their names- Mendel, Avrohom, Malke, Rochel, Chana. Even the music is very authentic, such as "Chosson Kallah Mazel Tov" (good luck to the bride and groom). By the way, there are other snippets of Jewish songs and Chassidic Niggunim in many episodes of Mystery Theater that have no Jewish theme at all, I guess Himan needed Music snippets and he used familiar tunes, such as "Oorah Oorah Oorah Kevodi" in episodes such as: Is the Doctor In, The Bisara of Epooree, Ring of Evil, Long Way From Home. The Hassidic Niggun for "Hamvdil" was used in many episodes including The Golden Chalices. Unfortunately I did not note down all of the episodes that have this music, as I listen to them on this excellent site, perhaps others have noted down the other episodes.


I’m fairly certain that actor William Griffis played the character of the guy the daughter wanted to marry, and the character of the merchant also. Dryden and Rose’s voices are too distinct to have voiced the actor missing from the cast list.


Great story, and an unexpected happy ending! Bravo!

Jim K.

One of the most entertaining episodes, a well spun yarn.


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