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Mirror for Murder


A bored wife is tired of her menagerie chores and her husband's job priorities. She starts to believe her mirror reflection and plans to reclaim her self.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 27, 1974
  • Repeat - August 16, 1974





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17 Responses to Episode 0097

Even after listening to the end, I still don't think I understand what happened.


Well, the biggest question mark here is what happened to the REAL double agent with the diamonds? (Rose Temple or something like that). Neither the police nor the criminals knew what she looked like; she never seemed to show up. Maybe she was hit by a bus or something? Crime drama; no supernatural elements.


Lol. I agree with Ron & Andy 100%. Still a fun episode though.


A neglected wife looks into a mirror and sees her reflection change depending on her feeling of self worth . She leaves her home and works her way into some interesting and suspenseful situations. Soon, she learns that her boring, staid, life wasn't quite so bad.


A woman tired of living in her husband's shadow and playing second fiddle to his job, believes she has lost her reflection in the mirror. She must rediscover her sense of self.

Miguel Vargas

A woman whose politician husband has little time for her feels like she is disappearing and her reflection in the mirror is growing less distinct. She ends up leaving for a holiday retreat and is approached by several people who believe her to be involved in some kind of criminal investigation/conspiracy. She discovers with the attention that her reflection is reappearing in the mirror and indulges herself in the attention, but it’s a dangerous game.


An entertaining tale, but still somewhat confusing as to the lack of some details - I think I understand the mirror/reflection aspect of the story reflecting how she sees herself in life, but how she gets mistaken for another person seems a stretch. The question (as I think asked above) is what happened to that other person and the diamonds? Perhaps since no one seemed to know what she looked like she took off with them.


There was a lot of details in this episode that were easy to discern. However, was the reflection in the mirror a psychological spell, or something supernatural? This was a fantastic episode which did expose the plight of a woman living in the 1970s. 4 stars.


My first post on any CBSRMT episode... This one kept me chuckling throughout the whole episode! I usually like the ends of a mystery tied up; I'm used to open-ended supernatural tales. I was so entertained by this story, I don't mind not having clear-cut explanations at the end. Bravo!!!


Very similar in plot points to the movie "True Lies." One wonders if this was the inspiration for the movie writer, greatly expanded. Even the name... Helen...


This episode is so much fun. It reminds me of the Doris Day film - The Glass Bottom Boat - with thugs mistakingly thinking that she is a spy. Celeste Holm is top notch in this one. Wesley Addy plays her husband here - and he did so in real life too.

Paul Liberti

Don't forget Cary Grant in North by Northwest.


There aren't many episodes of CBSRMT that are downright stupid, but this would have to be one of them! This has got to be one of the silliest stories they ever wrote, lol! For one thing, in this day and age of women's independence, it is a VERY dated tale of a woman who only sees her self worth reflected in how important she is to a man. I'm not some feminazi, but this disappearing reflection story takes co-dependency to such a stupid, unhealthy level that it is just ridiculous. The wife is such a whiny, attention seeking, co-dependent, simpering character that I find myself wanting to push her into the mirror so that she disappears forever, lol! Seriously, the characters in this story are unrealistic and stupidly written. Sam Dann wrote some great stories, but I get the feeling that he wrote some of them in a hurry, and he churned them out at the last minute, just before the deadline, and he didn't put much thought into them. Not all his stories of course, but some of them. This is certainly a good example of what I'm talking about. He wrote so many, so I guess he wasn't always able to spend a lot of time flushing all of them out in detail.


Ah the good old days of being a housewife. Now women complain they have to much to do with having a job and children. Be careful what you wish for! i don't need a career to define me and being married with kids is a career if your a real woman, it's a lot of work. This was an entirely just for fun episode to listen to, was she having problems being left alone And her mental state or was what she experiencing for real? Ending says it all! Do miss the commercials and news which always take me back to the days.


Not to a good a story, and an abrupt ending and too many loose ends not explained. Two leads were much better in a crack in the wall.


Ugh. Helen was written and played as a passive-aggressive whiny ditz. Whether with her toady husband (who was no prize), or with the cops-and-robbers, or with the poor doctor, she just refused to seize the situation and make herself heard. Moan, moan, moan. I had no sympathy for her and was disappointed that the sheriff magically saved the day. By far more interesting were the CBS news spots about the imminent crumbling of the Nixon administration. "President" Ford was only 3 months away, if only they knew...

Dr. D.

Sam Dann writes women as shrews or dishrags. He couldn't conceive a woman as more than a housewife who was so whiny about being neglected that she had to have a vision of what real stress is like to appreciate her role as passive housewife to a husband who does stuff.


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