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The Disembodied Voice


A female psychiatrist begins to get phone calls from a man who claims to be a rapist and a killer. A police investigator tries to help.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 31, 1975
  • Repeat - April 16, 1975





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8 Responses to Episode 0216

A woman is receiving obscene phone calls at home. Being a psychiatrist helps her deal with the obviously disturbed caller in a positive way, and while she feels she has things under control, she calls the police just incase. A detective shows up at her house concerned for her safety as 2 other health care professionals have been killed after receiving such calls. This was a very good example of psychiatry finally being given its’ due. Some good twists and turns, believable characters, and an engaging, thoughtful plot.


Nice and creepy with a good plot. As a female, this type of scenario still haunts me, even with caller ID. After all, we are still prey to sick-minded men. That fact has not changed and that makes those sort of predators real boogie monsters.


I have to say this one I didn't like at all, it starts off interesting but then the ending is just not at all creative. It seemed like they were making it up as they went along the way it ended, there have been many of these shows that were great but this one wasn't even very good.


I agree with JT that it started off well but then sort of fizzled at the end, like Ian couldn't think of a good ending and just wrote what first came to mind. I did like the strong female character and the cop was good too, but the story just didn't do enough for me.


Had to stop listening to this one due to the unfortunate quality of the audio. Raspy, hissing, whatever you want to call it, it was too annoying for me to tolerate.


One of my favorites. Good story line and particularly well acted by Celeste Holm. A listen more than once episode for me.


This is a sappy, Elspeth-Eric style episode, (even though it was written by Ian Martin), justifying sicko men making obscene phone calls and victimizing women. I don't know why some people think the characters a "realistic" because they seem totally unrealistic to me. The therapist is supposedly a "hero" because she so "perfectly" deals with the psycho, and inspires him to "talk" out his problems. (In real life that would never happen. She would be killed because her her methods are so annoying that she would get murdered, lol!) Arrrgh! This episode is so frustrating I want to kick the radio, or in my case, it's the computer, lol!)


Even in days of cell phones plus all the social media, women are more susceptible to creepy men like this. They put too much info online!


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