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Our Own Jailer


A malcontent businessman ends up in the magical city of Xanadu where he is permitted to follow his passions. But did he kill someone to reach there? A young attorney investigates.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 18, 1978
  • Repeat - February 20, 1979





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Tuesday, February 20 (Time) -- WXXX, CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER, “Our Own Jailer,”starring John Beal, with E.G Marshall, host. A commercial artist murders a frustrated poet because of the poet’s refusal to tell him how he can rejoin the girl of his dreams. Howard Spurlow, who draw designs for food can labels, and Mr.Gordon, a teacher of poetry in a Junior college, meet in a bar. Both agree they should free themselves of their responsibilities and become, respectively, a great artist and a great poet. Spurlow manages, in what seems to be a dream, to fulfill his ambition -- with the help of a beautiful woman. But later, when Gordon refuses to help him to find a way to rejoin the woman, a furious Spurlow pulls a gun and kills him. CAST: Howard Spurlow............JOHN BEAL Mr. Gordon..........Ian Martin Marla........................Bryna Raeburn Davis.................Bob Kaliban WRITER: Sam Dann

PR Release from Radio Mystery Theater

A good enough topic, but not developed well. I wasn't impressed with the ending.


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