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Time Out of Mind


A young student is beset by his family history when he meets with an accident. In a bizarre twist, he seems to journey through time and replaces his uncle during WWII. He must fulfill a task to aid his father.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 18, 1978
  • Repeat - October 30, 1978





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4 Responses to Episode 0835

What can I say, I'm a guy who has always had a interest in WWII stuff. Plus it is a very good show.

Randy Mc

A college student is in a car accident. While unconscious, he travels back in time and takes the place of his uncle during World War II. He has a task to perform to help his father.

Lope K.

Get the handkerchiefs out for this one, friends. It stars Lloyd Battista and Russell Horton, who've been in some interesting RMT pairings before. They're perfectly cast with Battista as a taciturn father and Horton as a college grad student who both seem to have a rift which is never fully explained. They're driving cross country to the SF bay area on the way to taking Horton's character back to school. Battista's character is playing a father from that World War II generation whose mindset is "big boys don't cry" (or show emotion.) I think one can go too far the other way in being TOO emotional, but that's for another discussion. In this case, his character is obviously quite saddened that he never told his brother, who was killed in Europe during World War II, that he loved him. Or rather, he doesn't know whether his brother knew it or not...Battista's character wrote him a letter saying he loved him, but never learned whether his soldier brother received it before he died. (I recall the former husband of a family friend who became extremely distraught when his Mom died...he was on the way home from prep school to see her one last time, but she passed away before he got there. Very sad tale as well.) Father and son are also pushing some other limits. A state trooper pulls them over in the middle of the night, saying he saw their car weaving. He urges them to pull over and get a cup of coffee at a diner that's just up the road, then goes on. Unfortunately, they never make it there...shortly after they start their car up after the trooper has departed, Battista loses control of the car and it crashes. And suddenly, Horton's character finds himself in the middle of combat. In fact, he becomes aware that he is (or thinks he is) his father's brother.

Maureen Jeffries

A hidden gym. Zen & Art of Motorcycle maintenance meets WW2, the Twilight Zone, & CBS Mystery Theater.

Scooter and the end of the Greens

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