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Sunset to Sunrise


A daughter remembers how her mother turned into a vampire.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 25, 1974
  • Repeat - July 21, 1974





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19 Responses to Episode 0081

Very creepy. I'd never heard of a "damphire" before. I suppose it must be rough, in universes where the undead exist, to ascertain whether someone is a good or evil member of the undead. Suspense, undead. Followed by long news commentary about the impending impeachment of Richard Nixon.


A vampire story with moral and obligatory overtones. It’s an ok story with so-so acting.

Stephanie Northgale

A woman recounts how her mother became a vampire. Seldes can't save this clunker of a story.

Florence Araya

A family is headed by a domineering strong and self-centered mother who, after her death, is suspected of becoming a vampire. THe community, fearing for their safety, appeal to the daughter to kill the vampire because only Damfires, the offspring of vampires, can see and kill a vampire. The only problem is the daughter is in disbelief over the whole thing... can she be convinced?

Mr. Bolton

Very good vampire story, and very atmospheric. I was a little surprised when the daughter kissed her dead mother on the lips. I didn’t think CBSRMT could get away with that lol.


3 stars.... 4 star acting, 2 star story. If not for the acting I probably would have turned it off. Has commercials.


Pretty good story. Atmospheric.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode though I had my doubts. I am not a big vampire fan--Hollywood has unendated us with lousy vampire movies and television shows for about the last ten years. I am also not the biggest fan of the writer of "Sunset to Sunrise" Elspeth Eric. This vampire story was well written and interesting with just the right touch of creepy. 4 stars.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode

Gina Schackel

This was an okay episode of trying to convince a daughter who just lost her mother that her mother has come back as a vampire, making her and her brother dhampirs (or dhampyre, dhamphir, or dhampyr, depending on who you ask). It was an overly long episode for the plot, even if the voice acting was good. I knew of dhampirs from the game (and bad movie) Blood Rayne.


Kudos to Elspeth Eric for writing a vampire story with a dark & compelling feel to it. The Title of the CBSRMT episode was good, but a better Title would be "The Dhampir" or "The Matricide" because that's exactly what our main character was; an offspring who murdered her blood-sucking mother. The sound effects were splendid to hear in this Fantasy-Mystery. You got the sounds of the bell tower ringing, the gate opening, the footsteps on the gravel path, the door being pounded, the gentle tapping on the window, the howling wind, and the crowd of villagers murmuring. Not only there was music that would give the listeners chills, there was also music from "The Invaders" (the 51st episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE). Just listening to that atmosphere tune makes any listener escape to a whole new realm. Now I'm sorry to say this, but E.G. Marshall did a discouraging job as Host. In his prologue, he considers himself as a "reflective" man. By that, he means to be thoughtful or characterized by deep thought, which barely has anything to do with this vampire story. In ACT-1, ACT-3, and in his Epilogue, there's no narration whatsoever. I don't know if there were editing problems when they recorded this, or E.G. Marshall didn't have much to say in this episode. And that's not all. At the end ACT-2, he mentions a vampire who was tried in a London Court in 1924 and his name was George Hake. I've read vampire encyclopedias on people who have acted in vampiric ways and there is no record of a George Hake. SPECIAL NOTE: There was a German serial killer named Fritz Haarmann who murdered over 20 people between 1918-1924 and he was known as the "Vampire of Hanover." I will finish this review on a good note, though. If there's one word to describe the performance of our cast, it would be this: RIVETING! William Johnstone (as Una's Father) was sterling, William Redfield (as Peter and Eljah) was smashing, Bryna Raeburn (as Una's Mother and Marie) was top-notch, and finally the magnificent Marian Seldes (as Una the Dhampir) who was "killer" in this wicked tale. This was a role she was destined to play because she had a voice that made the main character feel agony, despair, remorse, and misery in all 3 Acts. I'm looking forward to hear Marian Seldes again in the other vampire stories that CBSRMT has done: #0318-CARMILLA and #0085-DRACULA.


Good show with bonus contemporary news program at the end- worthwhile for history buffs.


E.E. is probably my favorite RMT writer. But this one was really a clunker.


Couldn’t even listen all the way through. Watering down vampirism to mere egomania ... and then the courses it took around the 40 minute mark simply left me disgusted. Novel vampire stories are hard to write, I’ll grant; this cheap method this story is pursuing renders the mythology ... soul-less.


Marian Seldes —enough said!!! Plus Bill Johnstone , formerly Lamont Cranstson , OTR at it’s best!!

David Manzi

A mattress for $89 try over a $1000 in 2019! News regarding Nixon impeachment. The news and commercials made sitting through this story bearable (sorry for the pun on Goldilocks 7Up commercial) while the story presents a twist on vampirism it felt a little flat. Perhaps it was the long drawn out speech at the grave by the daughter.


Glad I stuck this one out to the end (hated the beginning). Intriguing idea that some restless spirits might want to be forgiven.


I wanted to like this. It's a rare episode that features a woman (the previous episode's sole female character disappeared, and the men were just like, shrug, the wife disappeared, but let's get back to talking about the man). But it's just kind of dumb. I'll suspend disbelief and go with a good vampire story. But these characters just don't make smart choices. Like, if you think this dead body in the crypt is a vampire by night, you would drag the coffin across a river to protect yourself? No. First, that damns innocent others across the river. Second, just cut off the head of the dead body during the day. That would be a lot easier. Also, a dhampir is the child conceived by the mating of a male vampire with a mortal woman. It's not the adult child of a person who later becomes a vampire. How does one become a dhampir after adulthood? It's using am actual myth (which is dumb, but for a good story I'll go with it) but totally misunderstanding it. Like I said, I wanted to like this. It's a little sweet that it turns out that the dead mother came back to make amends, not be a monster, but the story is just not very good.


A tour de force by Marian Seldes. This episode made me realize how rare it is for Mystery Theater to center let alone be narrated by one of the women characters. Some of the dialogue is a bit over the top, but Marian and the other actors carry it off beautifully. I listened to it twice for the artistry, and will likely listen again.

Liz Edman

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